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  1. BigBenFJ

    SOLD  Fj62 Used Steering Box

    It’s used came off a 1988 FJ62. It did leak a bit but was tight. I pulled it for a FJ80 box so afiery rebuild it would be fine. $50 + shipping
  2. BigBenFJ

    Best carpet kit

    Has anyone ever seen a plastic floor? Something that’s really easy to vacuum out, I get in and out with dirty boots and have yellow dog that’s usually covered in sand.
  3. BigBenFJ

    Replacing carpet- keep or ditch foot rest?

    I’m 6’4” and I pulled my foot rest out as soon as I got my cruiser and haven’t looked back.
  4. BigBenFJ

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a good FJ62 hood preferably in gray?
  5. BigBenFJ

    Marilee’s Build Thread

    Once you get the new paint on you’ll be ready for the LS swap :)
  6. BigBenFJ

    Parting Out North Central California- FJ80 Part Out and extra parts

    Do you have a steering box?
  7. BigBenFJ

    Parting Out Parting out FJ80 in CA.

    How much shipped up to 93940?
  8. BigBenFJ

    Parting Out 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser - Murrieta / San Diego, CA

    Sorry if it’s been said but is the steering box sold?
  9. BigBenFJ

    Parting Out Parting out FJ80 in CA.

    Did you end up selling the steering box?
  10. BigBenFJ

    Weather Stripping without the Chrome

    I don’t care if they’re factory or not. My Landcruiser is being painted so all the glass is out and wanted to put new ones in with out the grooves.
  11. BigBenFJ

    Weather Stripping without the Chrome

    I’m trying to find the cargo glass and rear window weather stripping without the groove for chrome trim. Where can I get them?
  12. BigBenFJ

    Parting Out Looking for someone to help me part out an FJ60 in Northern Calif.

    I’m interested in the front bumper, sliders and anything else that looks cool. Maybe wheels and tires depending on size.
  13. BigBenFJ

    For Sale Fj62 Rear heater works no leaks

  14. BigBenFJ

    SOLD FJ62 Power steering gear box and pump Phoenix /AZ

    How much for only the steering box? How many miles were on the vehicle it came out of?
  15. BigBenFJ

    For Sale  Fj62 Rear heater works no leaks

    Works no leaks. $50 + shipping from 93940
  16. BigBenFJ

    Body and Paint in Bay Area or Central Valley

    I’ve looked all over the forum for body and paint recommendations but every thing I’ve seen is from a decade ago. Does anyone have a good shop that did them right? I’m doing the same color and want a bit of rust around the windshield and random places fixed. I’m willing to drive a few hours to...
  17. BigBenFJ

    V8 Swap Log - 60's with V8

    1989 FJ62 2004 LM7 5.3 DBW w/ 4L60E Dual Electric fans for about $15 a piece from eBay and a custom made shroud from a piece of metal I found in the bone pile 👍 I run about 180-210 depending on where/how I’m driving. I’m still working on AC but need to get on it since we’re coming into summer...
  18. BigBenFJ

    Parting Out 1995 FZj80 Parting Out *updated*

    Do you have a rear window wiper arm?
  19. BigBenFJ

    For Sale Fj62 Front Seats Central California

    I still got some seats.
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