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    Clogged injector; recommendations?

    I have a clogged/faulty fuel injector in my '92 LC. What's the recommended action for this? Remove and clean or replace? If remove and clean, should I do it to all of them? How easy is it for a mechanical gumby like me to do? How costly if I have a shop do it? I've run many fuel cleaners...
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    Front differential is going out

    '92 LandCruiser, 230K miles, driven mostly on paved roads: My front differential is going out. The plug to check the fluid is rounded off since I don't know when. But you can hear and feel it grinding on sharp turns. Is this a common failure point? What will this cost me in parts and labor...
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    92 LC dies periodically while driving

    I have a '92 LandCruiser, 226K miles, that dies periodically while driving. It's my wife's car, and I told her I'd drive it a while so I could see what's happening. Well, it died on my way into work this morning. It seemed like it lost all power to electronics--even the clock reset to 1:00am. I...
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