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    Used Bestop installation near Gilbert, AZ

    Ok so the long story short: I bought a used Bestop for my FJ40 and need to have it installed before returning to the rainy PNW. Any suggestions? Thanks Daniel
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    SE Michigan Automotive

    Did a quick search and didn't a topic come up, has anybody used parts from SE Michigan Automotive? I need to replace the driver's side floor pan in my 1975 FJ40 and was looking for replacements parts. I think this looks like a feasible replacement, but am looking for the opinion of others who...
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    1975 FJ40 Driver and Passenger seat and bracket dimensions

    I am looking to replace the seats in my 1975 FJ40 with "take out" seats. I am wondering if anyone has the stock seat dimensions and seat track dimensions available. Thanks Daniel
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    For Sale  FJ40 early bi-fold, scissor rear tailgate for half size ambulance doors

    Early FJ40 rear scissor door/bi-fold door with glass and side latches $650. The seals are present but show the years. Minimal rust, no finger poke holes. Gilbert, Arizona
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    Just Got my 1st FJ40, but can't pass emissions and request input

    Hey guys, Just got my 1st FJ40 last week and couldn't pass emissions in Arizona, looking for your insight on how to best get my rig up to speed. I have a 1975 2F Toyota Land Cruiser with a Weber carburetor, the air pump isn't hooked up (no belt connected). The hose from the engine to the air...
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