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    Mag Gray Heritage Pasadena, CA

    HAHA that's crazy - drive across the country and save $20k and have a nice vacation along the way: 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser in Malvern | VIN: JTMCY7AJ6M4106182 - I would bet if...
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    Shark fin antenna replacement

    Not sure about a 2011 570, but in general if you have the carded-suede, formed headliner, it is held in/up with the same interior panel buttons that the side panels are secured with. To make life easier, I would remove the rear side panels too as the roof panel is likely captive by them...
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    Considering saying goodbye to the 200

    Life is short - get what you want. I personally have been keeping cars longer and longer each time I change horses. There was a time, however, when I would have a new (to me) car every year. If the Ram is your jam, rock it. It will almost certainly not make financial sense, but if it makes...
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    At what point do you install a dual battery system?

    Most of the portable systems do not have a 12V input other than via a cigarette lighter - i.e. you can only charge at a very low rate from your car (2-7amps/hr. Your cigarette lighter is supplied via 16-18 gauge wire so it can't handle much in the way of current). Depending on how long you are...
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    More Switch Slots

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    Dash Bar?

    Yes, when I was looking into it the speaker grille cover was $85 (probably less if I poked around). Also, by mounting further back on the dash, I am able to insert small foam blocks under the clamp arms to mitigate any shaking when off road. Using the forward mounting point of the head unit...
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    Dash Bar?

    Its a RAM Tough Track RAM-TRACK-EXA-9BU. You have to take off the ends (which are worthless for mounting). I tried the shorter one, but the once you net out the worthless end sections that you can't mount to, you are left with like 3" of rail. Hardware is #8 (3/4" L, I think) and fender...
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    Dash Bar?

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    Matching Spare Wheel for Heritage Edition

    I wouldn't bother with a center cap for your spare - even mounted on a rear swing out. The center hole is a convenient place to grab the wheel when moving/hoisting it and as far as I can tell, the center caps are not prone to falling out or otherwise requiring a spare.
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    Is this a bad omen?

    A good detail shop that does paint correction can fix that up for next to nothing. On this type of small stuff they can make it look as good as a respray. I wouldn’t waste the time and frustration to track down compensation on this from the shipper or dealer. The shipper’s profit is likely not...
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    Here's the info for Bilstein's new heavy rear springs for the 200 series and the Bilstein suspension with lift.

    Kind of leaning this way. I think the consensus is that this is better than stock and offers a lift (you pick). My reservation on the Bilstein system was the need for heavier springs so either having to mix in an OME set or air bags. I have a 40 gal LRA, a heavy set of drawers and the spare...
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    Mounting Front Driving Lights - Stock Bumper

    ARB Solis ARB Intensity SOLIS LED Driving Light - Spot -
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    Anyone use NavTool Carplay in a 200?

    Not sure how you would work the HVAC system on newer LCs with this unit. I can't find a manual on line and the Kenwood website does not discuss it. Also does not appear to be a Sirius XM receiver, so you would be relying on cell signal for satellite radio. I am hoping for a good CarPlay head...
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    Premature Rusting of Powdered Coated Sliders

    I second this. PA winter driving has left mine with just one or two small rust spots deep in the seems. You have to look really hard to see it.
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    what are some of the 200 owners methods for cell phone holder?

    Maybe this has been done before, but here is my solution: Since the grille has a slight curve to it, I mounted neoprene washers between the RAM tough track and the grille at the outermost bolts. Deadens any vibration and keeps the part from deforming when the screws are tightened down...
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    Builds Joltman's Build: The Overkill Weekender

    Pretty sure you could hold your hand that close to the side of the muffler w/o getting burned - the tire should be fine. Also there is so much airflow under there it shouldn't be an issue. Maybe if the tire was above the exhaust then the rising heat over time might be an issue, but that's not...
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    So tell me I'm an idiot....

    To me the main selling point of the HE wasn't the wheels - it was the black headliner. Not sure if that is offered now in the "base" or not. Also, I sold the yakima basket FWIW. Having said that, the 2021 (HE or otherwise) is not much of an upgrade over your '19. If you were even getting...
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    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    I have a 40 and at full, half or almost empty there is no perceptible sloshing. I used to get a little over 300 miles on the factory tank. Still get around 14-14.5 MPG so from there whether it is 12.5, 24 or 40 it's just about the math as far as range goes. I had Ed Martin do the install and...
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    Mounting Front Driving Lights - Stock Bumper

    I saw this choice install at my local overland shop. Pretty simple. 1/4" thick x 5" 6061 bar bolted to the LC's steel bumper support bracket. Not sure if holes were drilled or if it was just sandwiched, but looks like 1/2" or 3/8" bolts in there and they were solid.
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    current consensus on rear bumper

    Not sure what it means to NEED one now, but I would figure out which one you want and get in line. Do you just need to mount your spare? Throw it on the roof or use a Wilco, as mentioned. Do you need an improved departure angle? Then an air saw and some painters tape will get you there. Did...
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