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  1. Layonnn

    Rear drivetrain clunk, what’s worn? (Video)

    I’ve read over nearly every reverse to drive clunk thread and can’t seem to figure out my issue. First off, it’s nothing front end related as I have the front driveshaft removed and the center diff locked. I’ve removed the rear DS, cleaned the ujoints, regreased, cleaned the slip joint splines...
  2. Layonnn

    For Sale  5 - 315/75r16 Goodyear MTRs on 100 series 16” wheels

    1000$ Selling five 315/75r16 Goodyear MTRs on 16” Land Cruiser 100 series wheels. Switched to a different set of wheels to match my offroad trailer I’m building so these are up for sale. I’m not sure of the mileage as i ran two sets of wheels and tires. If I were to guess, I’d say they have...
  3. Layonnn

    Timbren axle less suspension question

    I'm looking for some opinions on the weight ratings of the Timbren suspensions. I'm guessing my trailer will be around 1200-1300 empty or so based on similar builds. When going out for the weekend though I'll have a full cooler, food, two water cans and probably a fuel can. So my guess is...
  4. Layonnn

    Wanted  1 TRD Rock Warrior wheel

    im looking for one Or possibly 2 used rock warrior Tundra wheels. If you have something available shoot me a message.
  5. Layonnn

    Thoughts/opinions on my trailer frame design

    I am getting ready to start building an off-road tear drop style (but not shape) camping trailer. I've went ahead and added some tools to get prepared for it (built large workbench, vise, drill press, chop saw, welding accessories). I'm going buy the steel this Friday and get started. Do y'all...
  6. Layonnn

    Roof rack mounting nut missing.

    I'm installing my new front runner rack and found some rust under the stock rack. I removed the plastic trim, wire wheeled everything with the dremel, cleaned, masked everything and painted. But I still have a small problem. One of the nuts for the roof rack bolts is missing. Has anyone else...
  7. Layonnn

    Toyota light switch for off-road lights

    I have an OEM light switch I'd like to use to switch on my off-road lights. I'd like to get a plug for the back of it but don't know how to find one. Also I don't know how to find a wiring diagram of what the pins on the back correspond to. The lights on it are also amber, I'd like to make them...
  8. Layonnn

    Reverse signal for backup camera to aftermarket headunit

    Im trying to install an aftermarket backup camera to a sony head unit. Is there a place to tap off a reverse signal behind the dash or near the drivers footwell?
  9. Layonnn

    Front lower ball joint boot question

    I recently installed the 555 lower ball joint. I was reinstalling my skid plate a few days after and noticed the boot looking rather strange. Any ideas what caused this and how to get it oriented correctly? I tried gently coercing it outwards with a pick and my fingers, no go. It looked normal...
  10. Layonnn

    For Sale  5 Cooper discovery ATP 265/70R17

    i have 5 Cooper Discovery ATPs in 265/70R17. They have around 5,000 miles on them. I bought them as a second set to save wear on my MTs, but just don't swap them on that much. They have been kept in a garage and have no plugs or damage to them. Willing to ship if you are willing to set it up...
  11. Layonnn

    Some smoke after timing belt, valve cover gaskets, etc.

    I just finished up about a week working on the 100. Timing belt, water pump, pulleys, hoses, starter contacts and plunger, cleaned intake plenum, valve cover gaskets, PCV valve, fuel filter. My valve cover gaskets had been leaking, so I replaced them while doing all this other stuff. Had a...
  12. Layonnn

    Wiring rigid duallys to factory fog switch?

    I just got a pair of Labrak's ARB fog replacements and ordered a pair of the rigid dually flush mount lights to put in there. My fog light switch currently turns on the ARB fogs and have done the mod to allow them to stay on with high beams. Can I use the factory wiring harness to power the...
  13. Layonnn

    For Sale  BIOR 100 series dual swing out (minor damage)

    SOLD $900 I was rear ended about 8 months ago by a Camry, see my build thread for pics of the collision. I had the bumper replaced with a Slee because they had one in stock at the time and Bump It Offroad did not. It also includes the dual jerry can holder for the passenger side (it was...
  14. Layonnn

    Rear wheel bearing?

    I have a slight noise coming from the rear end. Pitch changes with speed. How can i tell if it is a rear wheel bearing or gear whine? What am i looking at price wise for parts if it is a rear wheel bearing and amount of time in labor? Looks like a special press is needed for the job.
  15. Layonnn

    Clunk in front suspension, need help diagnosing

    Quick details: -The clunk sound only seems to happen when turning into driveways that have a slight curb. Sort of sounds like a shifting clunking noise. -This started immediately after getting my gears/lockers installed. Prior to this work, absolutely no sound at all. -Getting the shop to...
  16. Layonnn

    Wanted  100 series 18" wheels

    18s are impossible to find at a good price. I gave up, haha. I bought 3 Tundra rock warrior wheels. Now i need to find 2 more. If you find any for sale please post a link or shoot me a pm if you have some available.
  17. Layonnn

    LA - trailer info

    Anyone have any information regarding getting a trailer a title? Whether it be from building from scratch or buying a used military trailer without a title. What is the process?
  18. Layonnn

    For Sale  30" Rigid E-series light bar and extras

    After installing my body lift, my light bar mounting solution won't work and i think i am just gonna go back to Light Force lights. It has been on my truck about 8 months. Rigid Industries 30" E-series light bar (white flood combo) 30" E-Series LED Light Bar $699 + shipping ($1000 new) Have...
  19. Layonnn

    For Sale  5 - 295/75r16 BFG ATs

    SOLD. 5 - 295/75 BFG ATs (load range D) with 8K miles on them. Have been rotated using all 5 twice since installed. Removed to go up to a bigger size. Have some minor chunking, pics show what i am talking about. One tire you can just barely see a ply near the corner from a chunk. The tires...
  20. Layonnn

    Hitch frame nut off-center, suggestions?

    When i previously removed my hitch, i noticed the most forward bolt on the DS was difficult to remove. Upon removal, i noticed the nut was slightly off-center. The nut that is a little more forward, even more so (to the point where it cannot accept a bolt) I am getting a BIOR rear bumper in a...
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