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  1. soberman001

    Interior Color Help - 2019 LC in USA - quick favor

    Friends I am not with my new vehicle right now but I am ordering a custom steering wheel cover from Loncky so I have it when I get back to my new LC 200. Can someone tell me if the interior dash and steering wheel cover is dark grey or black? To me, it seems black but Loncky has both a dark...
  2. soberman001

    New LC100 in the Classifieds

    Guys, Not sure if I am allowed to do this but I just put my LC 100 up for sale in the classifieds. If this is not ok to post here, then please delete . For Sale - 2004 LC100 USA: Great Condition, ARB + extras Thanks
  3. soberman001

    For Sale  2004 LC100 USA: Great Condition, ARB + extras **SOLD**

    Friends I am regretting to say I have to part with my 2004 LC100 that I have had for over 10 years. I am moving to Switzerland and cannot take this vehicle with me. Here are the pics via link and details. LC 100 For sale Summary 2004 LC 100 150K miles All kinds of paperwork I am the second...
  4. soberman001

    DVD Stuck in OEM Video Player? Help

    Folks I have a ceiling mounted OEM DVD player for the backseat of my US-based 2004 LC100. The DVD slides into the unit from the rear of the vehicle forward, and is not stuck in there. The DVD will spin and play but will not eject. I can hear the eject motor but the disk won't shoot out...
  5. soberman001

    Staple/Nail Gun Problems

    Guys I am re-upolstering a small plastic seat for my motorcycle. This is done with a staple gun at the factory and is recommended in the same technique for any new seat covers. So... I bought a decent Stanley electric staple gun because it uses a shallow T50 1/4" Arrow brand staples. One of...
  6. soberman001

    Question on FJ60 value in WA

    Gents Proud LC 100 owner who just got a call from my buddy in Chicago who is looking at this FJ60 for use at his second home in Michigan. The truck is a 4-owner 130K mile truck from the Northwest. I checked KBB but they dont' go back that far (surprisingly) so I thought I would ask what a...
  7. soberman001

    Painting Aluminum

    Gents I made some small 4"x1"x0.25" spacers from Aluminum flat stock. Basically, a flat piece of Alum bar since I had a unique place I had to stick the spacers on my ARB Bumper. The bars are going to go under my Aux Lights which are powder coated black. I wanted to paint the spacers to...
  8. soberman001

    Laughable Speaker Price??? LC100

    Guys I have a 2004 LC 100 with a stock stereo system. The right front speaker blew and needs replacing. I call up the local Toyota Dealer to find out the replacement costs, and he quotes $369.00???? After hanging up, I was finally able to control my laughter and ask the serious...
  9. soberman001

    Timing Belt / pulley at 90K??

    nevermind. I should learn to read better. I see it in the FAQ when I read it for the 5th time. My eyes must stray away from expensive items.
  10. soberman001

    Dumb DLR Question for 2004 LC100

    Friends I am checking my owners manual to replace my burnt headlamp. I wanted to order low and high beams in one buy, and I thought I would get the DDL bulbs but.... is that dumb because they are the same bulb as the low beams? I wanted to get yellow DDL's but retain the white low beam...
  11. soberman001

    Is there a LC100 Toy Truck

    I got a couple toddler boys at home and want to get them a powered LC100 model. I see the Jeeps and Hummer toys everywhere but never a LC100. Even an older style would be fine. Anyone know a retailer? Battery or gas would be ok.
  12. soberman001

    Garage floor is an ice rink!!??

    Guys I recently bought a house with great 3 car garage. Before the owner moved out, he fixed up lots of the house to increase the sales value. As part of these improvements, he painted the garage floor using the typical Epoxy garage floor coating with speckles. I thought it was great...
  13. soberman001

    Running Wires to the Roof of a LC100

    How exactly do I run a XM antenna wire to the roof? Right now, the antenna comes through the firewall under the hood and then up on top of the plastic thingy at the base of the windshield (with an open view to the sky). I have never been a fan of run the cables to the sunroom and then out...
  14. soberman001

    Where to get lc100 center caps for wheels

    Boys, I have a 2004 lc100 with OEM rims . I need to get a couple more center caps. Here is the bitch..... My wheels are chrome and so are the center caps. They are the caps with the metal retention band on the inside. Anyone know a source? I found nothing on eBay. Thanks
  15. soberman001

    Rattle Caps - wheel question

    Boys, I have the stock wheels on my 2004 except the OEM or dealer or someone chromed them as part of some luxury package. The center caps never fall off but the make a lot of noise at slower speeds as they rattle in their seats. The are loose to the touch also. I pulled one of them off and...
  16. soberman001

    Where to go get screwed?

    Boys, I have an ARB sahara bumper for my 2004 LC100. The bumper has the fog light kit that comes with it. I was changing the bulb on that light kit when I rounded off the philips head screw that us to retain the bulb (itself) into the hole. The screw is part of the bare metal clip bulb...
  17. soberman001

    Fog Lamp Size - ARB

    Boys I am sorry for asking this but am still hoping for a reponse since I am not with my LC100 at this time but need to order bulbs. What is the size/SKU of the fog lamp bulbs in the bumper of the ARB pictured? They are tiny suckers. Thanks
  18. soberman001

    Fender and molding - painted or not

    guy My 2004 LC got hit in a parking lot by a hit and run jerk. The cops got him and that is a funny story, but my question before I get with his insurance company... Do the metalic grey fender flares come painted if you order a replacement or do they come in primer/black and the dealer/body...
  19. soberman001

    XM Radio with poor reception

    Gents I moved from Florida to NJ a few weeks back and the reception on my XM radio (in my LC100) has gone to hell. I have a XM Commander with an external antenna that is mounted with a clear view of the sky. It is mounted on the black plastic trim piece on the exterior (bottom) of the...
  20. soberman001

    Cold Feet - HVAC Question

    Gents I lived in Florida for the first 3 years I owned my '04 LC. I don't know if I ever used the heat or paid any attention to how it works, except to clear the windshield from fogging. Now that I moved to New Jersey and Winter is here, I noticed that there is no heat coming from the floor...
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