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  1. CT Grillguy

    For Sale  1997 lx450

    Good looking truck, drives great. 165k miles Factory lockers no mods. been a daily driver. Love the vehicle, just can't afford the upkeep anymore. Great truck for someone handy with a wrench. Issues; leaks oil from engine, do not know where from specifically Front end clicks on...
  2. CT Grillguy

    Wanted  1997 LX450 Main Window switch assembly

    Need the drivers side window control unit with four window switches, electronic lock switch, and window lock.
  3. CT Grillguy

    What could cause burning smell through vents?

    Burning rubber smell strong for a few mins then gone. Has come back as very faint smell a couple of times. AC compressor going out? Belts are all new. How can I check if the AC belt is the culprit? I have read about the emergency brake return seizing up, but I doubt that would come through...
  4. CT Grillguy

    Brief burning smell

    Driving around today a strong burning smell suddenly came through the vents with the AC on, it lessened after about 45 seconds and is faint from the outside of the truck but no longer comes from the vents. Any ideas? Edit: The temp guage read normal dead center.
  5. CT Grillguy

    97' 80 on Ebay w/lockers $6000

    It's a minnesota car so I'm sure there is rust, but for $6000 and lockers, you could have alot of fun with it before it fell apart!! eBay Motors: Toyota : Land Cruiser (item 320238153707 end time Apr-16-08 14:34:07 PDT) Not affiliated in any way.
  6. CT Grillguy

    LF New Mexico to NE USA 55lb box

    Looking for transport for a rear tire carrier from the Alberquerque area to the NE. I live in CT, but anywhere within an hour or so would be great. Or, the item will be @ Moab so if you're on the EC and going there, you could bring it back for me! Thanks
  7. CT Grillguy

    Wanted  WTB: Sliders for 97 FZJ80

    I live in CT, will travel a few hours to pick up. Or, would pay shipping. Prefer something that aids in vehicle entrance as well as protection (aka slee step sliders).
  8. CT Grillguy

    Unbelievably basic question re: antifreeze

    What is a good container to mix your antifreeze in? Any old bucket or are there some materials that would polute the coolant?
  9. CT Grillguy

    Wanted  Wanted: FZJ80 (97) Sliders

    Prefer something that is Wife/Kids friendly, but just need some protection.
  10. CT Grillguy

    Oxymoron?: a mud capable A/T?

    ***spent an hour searching and reading but didn't find this exact topic covered*** The question is: Is there an A/T tire that isn't completely useless in mud? Almost every comparison or review thread includes statements like "they're fantastic in everything but mud where they fill up and...
  11. CT Grillguy

    Dash and parking lights stay on

    This issue suddenly popped up. Turned the truck off and heard a clicking noise, the dash lights came on and the parking markers on the front corners were on as well. Played with the key in the ignition and it blinked a bit and then shut off. Next time, however, I couldnt get them to shut off...
  12. CT Grillguy

    Thinking about TJM bumper. Opinions?

    Thinking about this bumper from TJM: Slee - Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser - TJM T17 Front Bumper I see in the members front bumper thread that a couple of you use this bumper. Any pro/con arguments out there on this item? My usage will be stock height runs. I am planning on sliders...
  13. CT Grillguy

    Wanted  Wanted: 97' 80 series sliders, tires NE USA

    Looking for some sliders for my '97 FZJ80 series. Also looking for 33" A/T tires (Revo, BFG, Destinations, etc). Thanks
  14. CT Grillguy

    At what point do you need a longer/adjustable panhard?

    How high of a lift can you install before you have to adjust your panhard length? What about other control arms? I searched and didn't come up with anything in the FAQ or regular posts. Thanks!
  15. CT Grillguy

    Quick answer requested: Rear lat. control rod

    How difficult is it to replace the Rear lateral control rod with minimal tools, etc. I see in the FSM there are some special tools required. Would I be better off having a mechanic do this for me? Anyone have a quick price quote on the parts? Just a guestimate will do. The wrench is talking...
  16. CT Grillguy

    Thermostat $$

    What is a dealer going to charge me to replace the thermostat on a 97 LX?
  17. CT Grillguy

    Wanted: Colorado to NYC

    Might have an ARB bumper for 80 series that I need shipped from Co to NYC if anyone is going that way.
  18. CT Grillguy

    How long does your 80 take to blow hot air?

    Hey guys, 97 LX and I live in the NE. My heater doesn't blow hot air for quite a while and my water temp gague never gets more than an 8th of an inch above the bottom line. Seems like an engine like this should heat up fairly fast and blow hot air quickly. Do I need to adjust something or...
  19. CT Grillguy

    Electrical issue update

    My symptoms have evolved/settled into the following: The door open light on the dash is lit all the time even when truck is parked and locked with no key in ignition. The rear passenger side door entry light is on all the time as well. The dome light over the 2nd row seats is always on...
  20. CT Grillguy

    Need help accessing grounds

    97 LX450 123k miles. Having lots of electrical issues: sometimes the door open indicator won't go off sometimes dome lights won't go off keyfob won't work to lock/unlock doors sometimes electric locks will open all door locks when driving sometimes the green circle light around the ignition...
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