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  1. jrs002

    FJ62 Console Top

    Looking for a little guidance: The top for my FJ62 console is super cruddy. The rest of my console if A-OK. I'm more than happy to clean/scrape/etc, but wanted to ask if there were any solutions I'm missing. Should I replace it? It's the brown color - in case anyone has one lying around...
  2. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    Hello Everyone! I've been perusing around here for some time, and finally feel like a part of the 'club'. Santa (my wife) bought me a sled for Christmas. She's a 1990 Land Cruiser FJ62 that we are lovingly naming Bertha. We've been on the hunt for an FJ60/62 for a long time, but wanted to...
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