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  1. dsmud4u

    MUDShip Anyone driving from Colfax, CA to San Diego, CA

    I live in Vacaville now but will make another trip in maybe a month or so to Vacaville.
  2. dsmud4u

    Wanted Southern California, 1971-1975 FJ40 - Original-ish driver

    Wife and I are thinking about the one we just picked up from Cedar Park Texas in December. I was posted on Mud but I just don’t know when I’ll get around to it. Send me a PM and I can send some pics.
  3. dsmud4u

    Wobbly, not that kind.

    Excellent...will order.
  4. dsmud4u

    Wobbly, not that kind.

    Can someone tell me what keeps the mirror arm locked in the center position and if it’s an easy fix? I’m driving about and it started flopping around
  5. dsmud4u

    Windshield replacement

    Gonna revive this thread as I’m looking for a windshield shop near the Sacramento area to take care of the 80. Timing was off to get it done with Alfredo down south so...
  6. dsmud4u

    Show me your racks

    Gamaviti...length was for a 60. Not the greatest pics but...
  7. dsmud4u

    Front Bumper Analysis Paralysis in 2021

    If you want protection get a piece of channel. It’s not pretty but does the job for 98% of its driving. I may trim the corners to give it a better approach angle. Nothing is going to be stronger then channel for the money. It’s structural steel! edit: forgot to mention there was a dude selling...
  8. dsmud4u

    Towing with the 4.5

    Frame of reference, I’ve towed our Audi S6 which weighs about 4,400 on a 16’ open car hauler with the truck loaded inside. Trailer weighs another 1,700. It goes up the grapevine at 40ish. Yes, it sucks but it will do it. The 80 is on 35”s and it’s been re-geared to 4.88s.
  9. dsmud4u

    MUDShip San Rafael (Bay area) to Los Angeles - 80 Series 2nd row seats

    Headed to SoCal this weekend likely. If the seller can drop off in Vacaville I can get them to you off the 5/210.
  10. dsmud4u

    MUDShip San Rafael (Bay area) to Los Angeles - 80 Series 2nd row seats

    Could you have the seller bring them to Vacaville? It’s just over an hour away.
  11. dsmud4u

    For Sale NEW/RARE/Unobtanium 4ft Hannibal Awning (SoCal)

    Let me know if you want it mud-shipped. Headed home to Fontana and back up to Chico in a week or so.
  12. dsmud4u

    SOLD FJ40 front disc brake kit conversion NY

    I too am passing.
  13. dsmud4u

    Rear Coil Air Bags Questions

    It’s likely your air bag nipple to the hose. If the spring perch is not hogged out enough, with articulation the bags will move with the spring and May not sit properly. You will wind up with a chaffed line or clamp that’s not holding anymore.
  14. dsmud4u

    What does this module control?

    Factory amp? Just a guess as I haven’t taken apart my stereo.
  15. dsmud4u

    What are you guys doing for insurance – do any of you have an agreed-upon value for your rig?

    ^^^this^^^ Under-insured helps considerably, much better if you have a good attorney and 100k limits.
  16. dsmud4u

    SOLD FJ40 front disc brake kit conversion NY

    If Mark passes can you reach out to me next?
  17. dsmud4u

    MUDShip Tucson AZ to San Diego CA: CV axles

    I’m leaving from Ft Stockton TX and will be going through Tucson tomorrow by about 3-4pm. Headed to Fontana (home).
  18. dsmud4u

    SOLD SoCal: 71 FJ 40 drivers door window

    Thanks @pardion. See you soon.
  19. dsmud4u

    SOLD SoCal: 71 FJ 40 drivers door window

    I wouldn’t mind traveling if need be. Do travel to Sac by chance on weekends?
  20. dsmud4u

    SOLD  SoCal: 71 FJ 40 drivers door window

    Title sums it up. Will travel anywhere in Cali to pick up.
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