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    TB Change Due To Age?

    I've got an 05 with ~85,000 mi on it with original timing belt, was wondering about folks opinions on whether or not to change it and water pump due to age? I've got a long trip coming up and have been stressing about whether or not we need to change it, now (as usual) I am cutting it close...
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    Help With Shock Washer Issue

    In the middle of installing 865 rear coils with new OEM shocks. About to put the coils in and neither is labeled A or B. Both just have tags that say 865X. Both appear to be exact same height. Was anticipating there being an A and a B label. Also was thinking DS would be just a tad taller. These...
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    Stock Suspension w/ RTT?

    Have read some conflicting things on this, have a 2008 GX with stock suspension. Wondering if the CVT Shasta (~125 lbs) would cause the GX to sag to the point of it being an issue? We use it for road trips/camping/fishing etc. so want to be able to be comfortable on long interstate drives to get...
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    Aftermarket TPMS

    Getting some new treads put on tomorrow at Discount Tire. I know I have TPMS issues, I am tempted to just disarm the whole thing but the folks at DT were trying to talk me in to having them replace them. Seems like I have heard mixed reviews as to whether that will be a lasting fix or not...
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    For Sale  2008 GMC Yukon Denali ~140,000 mi Knoxville,TN $8,000

    Bought a GX and need to sell the Yukon. Has a few small issues, but great running truck, rides like a dream on the highway, great road trip vehicle. $8000 mud price before I list locally. Will get some pics uploaded if there is any interest.
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    craigslist  Nashville,TN 2000 LX 36,000 miles- Not Mine

    Just saw this, wowza, just thought I would pass on
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    Freakin' Blade Refills!

    After much "research" I found some blade refills for our 2005 last week. I ordered part #'s 8521450100 and 85214-0E020. They both are a hair wider than my OEM rubber, I thought about trying to trim but doesn't seem feasible. Anyone else had this issue? Did I use the wrong part #? Looking at old...
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    For Sale  2001 BMW E39 M5 400 HP

    2001 BMW M5 in great shape, this car is 100% stock, except for the stereo unit that was upgraded years ago, completely unmolested, has been garage kept and well cared for. I love this car and honestly hate to sell it, just have not driven it like I had planned/like it should be, I have put 1000...
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    For Sale  2010 Honda CRF250R

    2010 250R $3500 OBO LOW HOURS MECHANIC OWNED BRAND NEW CUSTOM D.I.D. WHEELS W/ BULLDOG SPOKES NEVER RACED EFI! NO MESSING WITH CARB! I bought this from a Mechanic at a Honda dealer in Nashville this summer and simply don't have time to ride it. I had been looking for a clean bike that had...
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    36" TSLs/ "medium lift"

    Anyone running 36x12.50/16 TSLs or any swamper for that matter? Wondering what the actual size of these tires are? Their website claims 35.9" but I have heard others state closer to 36.5". I have 850/860 springs with 285 ATs currently I know the "what size tires can I fit" topic gets brought up...
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    U-Joints and mud

    Replaced my u-joints right at a year ago, had a significant driveline vib last week and took it to the shop and they say my u-joints are shot? They seemed to think that it was a result of me being in the mud so much. I am probably in a really muddy fourwheeling situation once a month, but don't...
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    Low RPM vib

    Low RPM vibration Howdy, I've searched a good bit for someone with a similar problem and have come up empty handed. I'm having a pretty serious vibration that seems to be coming from the back half of the engine. It occurs at a stop, and is aggressive enough to shake much of the plastic in the...
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    80s series springs

    80 OEM springs Front and rear springs off of a '97, $100 OBO. Knoxville,TN
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    Post lift vibration?

    Fellas, just installed 850/860 springs and N73/74 shocks this weekend, and have had a VERY slight, but noticable vibration that starts right around 59-61 mph, it almost sounds like when you run over the warning strip on the interstate, but not quite as loud. I did switch the front left and...
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    Chevy wheels?

    Anyone running 16" wheels off of a Tahoe or Silverado? Any comments, suggestions? How's the backspacing?
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    Hey fellas, I spilled a tad bit of diesel fuel in the rear of my '97, and I do believe I'm going to have to replace the cargo piece, any ideas as to where I can pick one of these up? Anyone have one they're trying to get rid of? Or any ideas as to how to get the diesel smell out? I've got the...
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    Wanted  "low-height" springs for 80

    Anyone have any 861/862 springs they're looking to get rid of?
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    spacers and no lift

    howdy fellas, i'm debating on putting 1" spacers on my 97 with no lift, have many done this? i'm thinking that steering may become rather harsh, but not sure, i've heard of people doing this but not sure, anyone ran this combo? good/bad? thanks
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    For Sale 1992 FJ-80 Knoxville, TN

    1992 FJ80 -$4,450 -White -201,178 mi -Professionally done knuckle rebuild and brand new Birfields, May of 2004 -Center Diff Lock switch -Grey cloth interior -Oil and filter changed every 3k miles -Leaks small amouont of oil, but nothing out of the ordinary for a cruiser with this amount...
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    flex question

    Realize i may get some crap for this question, but I did search and couldn't find an answer, so here goes... Would the flex of a cruiser with 851 fronts and 1" spacer be signifigantly worse than 850 fronts and no spacers? Truck would have light bumper(heavier than stock) and running 860s in the...
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