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    cool cruisers of texas

    Im about to order a radiatior,and water pump from ccot and was wonderin if this is a good company to deal with. anyone with any problems from ccot?
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    quick help for 3fe

    Im putting back the head the same way I took it off. the book shows that the rotating valve retainers go on the exh valve. The engine looks like it has never been taken apart before, is this a typo in the book? almost done with this installation and then I see the picture. if anyone...
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    3fe head cracked

    found a crack,bout 1.5 inches. can any decent machine shop weld this or to I have to resort to dropping a(free) 2f & manual trans? this sucks!
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    carbed 3fe?

    can you put a 2f carb manifold onto the 3fe? Is it a direct bolt on? what bout headers from a 2f.
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    cat removal

    I was thinkin of punchin out the cats on my 3fe but was wonderin if it will affect the computer or anything? no need for smogin my 62.
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    areas of concern for 3fe?

    I just pulled the head off my 3fe and could not find the cause of the oil and water mixing. The gasket looked fine or rather, I couldnt find anything that looked like leaking. head bolts next to exh ports had carbon buildup (seemed like exhaust carbon) on the threads and were very hard to...
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    sway bar?

    I was thinkin of takin out the swaybar to free up some sspension travelbut was wonderin how does the 60/62 handle on the street without em.
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    3fe head questions

    I was thikin of shaving my 3fe head for more power and economy, anyone think ill have a problem with pushrod length or a knock sensor or anything? Or is shaving a normal thing to do?
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    small block weight

    I read on another forum that a small block chevy will be lighter that the straight 6. doesnt sound right but is this true? that would be cool if itrs true
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    tyota winch?

    this guy i know of has a cj or yjsomething and he runs a sbc with toyota trans and axles. He also has a winch that is actuated by the tranny. anyone ever seen this or know if it really is toyota and if it is, where to get em.
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    oil pump question

    I dont have my haynes manual yet but I was wondering if I can take out the oil pump without anything getting messed up like the distributor timing. I had water and coolant mixing and I pulled the pan and cleaned therod brngs and pan, I want to pull the pump out to clean it but im not sure...
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    alternate 4wd switch

    Im kinda low buck and was thinking of just routing vacume lines to my dashboard with some kinda switch to activate the 4wd. Any ideas of what i can use as a switch? some kinda valve or somethin? thanks.
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    cable locker

    i think I was reading a catalog couple of years ago and I thought I saw a locker diff that was cable activated like a handbrake. Do any landcruisers have these or did I lose my mind?
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    newbie engine tech question for fj60?(89)

    Ive been wanting a landcruiser(fj40)since I was young. I finally got one but its a fj60(3f-e) the engine is blown, I pulled the pan to see how the bearings were from the chocolate milk i drained from the engine. All the connrod berngs are good but I need the rod torque specs to tighten em...
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