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  1. badQtip

    All 4 brakes seem to be dragging.

    91 HDJ81 1HDT. So I've been plagued by stuck brake calipers over the last year or so and now that all 4 have been replaced and about 10k miles put on with out issue it seems that all 4 brakes are dragging to the point of needing low range to move without skyrocketing the EGTS. I parked it up...
  2. badQtip

    HDJ81 all warning lights on

    So my guage lights are on as if the alt plug has a bad connection. I’ve cleaned bent and reinstalled the plug a few times now with no success. But my alternator is charging just fine, it’s just all the gauge lights are on and driving me crazy. Does the alt have its own ground wire that I’m missing?
  3. badQtip

    Plug identification

    Can anyone tel me where these go? I cannot for the life of me find where they plug in 1hdt 1991 hdj81
  4. badQtip

    Rear heater core for liquid to air inter-cooler 1hd-t hdj81

    Hey, I'm currently doing a little over haul on the 1hd-t, MAMBA turbo, custom exhaust and fuel pin blah blah ect... but I had a thought for the liquid to air inter cooler heat exchanger. Since I have the rear heater disconnected and everything is still there and was working fine when i deleted...
  5. badQtip

    HDJ81/1HD-t Died on highway

    So, on my 74-mile commute home I was doing around 75 and just started to lose power and could barely keep it running so I pulled over and turned it off. after checking under the hood all seemed fine. it was hard to start back up and was really Smokey, but it started and still had almost no power...
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