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  1. alk747triodad

    Hamom at the Barn

    Hey guys, I need help installing a power steering pump on Logan's cruiser and replacing the radiator on my 2001 LC. I am not sure all parts that I need but I do have the power steering pump and the radiator with 2 gallons of Toyota Red. I would like to replace some hoses and thermostat on...
  2. alk747triodad

    Wanted  3FE power steering pump with pulley

    WTB power steering pump with pulley for 92 FJ80 shipped to 28001 Bought one! Thanks deathvalleypaul!
  3. alk747triodad

    Issues with my 01’ Hundy

    About 2 weeks ago I was hearing an unusual sound from engine and it wasn’t my manifold leak. I had our GM mechanic get his stethoscope and check it out and he determined it was the idler tensioner pulley. I left it parked at work and ordered the idler tensioner assembly along with a new...
  4. alk747triodad

    I couldn’t resist

    I have been working a gentleman on purchasing a new Chevy for several months, who told me he drove a 2001 Land Cruiser that he purchased new. After several months of being a “no show”, he finally showed up. Long story short: I am the proud owner of a 2001 LC It came with the...
  5. alk747triodad

    Kenny and Lydia's Big Adventure

    One week before we were going to OBX, Lydia’s Exploder decided to blow the transmission. Sooo..... Logan’s LC is going to the beach! The last 4 days I have been getting it ready for its first trip to Hatteras since 2007. I feel confident that I have it ready with fluids topped off, a/c...
  6. alk747triodad

    Wanted  1985 FJ60 fuel cap

    Would like an original fuel cap to replace the one left at gas station.
  7. alk747triodad

    Xmas party HamomI

    Hey guys, I would really appreciate help on a few items on Logan's 80. I will take any advice on what I need or what you have that will help me get this completed. If only the first item is completed, i will be extremely grateful. 1. Remove and install bumper. Al gave me a rear bumper a...
  8. alk747triodad

    Kodak Rock

    Anyone have any info? It has been closed for 3 years now so does that mean it is gone forever?
  9. alk747triodad

    GOOB Sale

    I know we have a for sale thread but I don't want to clutter that one up. Long story short, after 21 years, Lydia and I are closing the doors on our business June 30th. We are having a public "GOOB" sale on June 13 and 14 at the dealership. We have so much stuff at home and work that we have...
  10. alk747triodad

    Great Horned Owl

    At sundown yesterday, a stranger knocked on our door and asked to use our phone. There is no cell service in our little valley. He wanted to report hitting an owl flying across his windshield and busting his DS mirror. Went to road to take a look and this is what we found. Sad to lose such a...
  11. alk747triodad

    Tread Lightly Letter

    Lydia and I received this letter in the mail today. Thank-you ONSC and all those that attended Logan's Run this year and making this donation in Logan's memory possible. I wish I could describe all the emotions that come with receiving this letter, but I can't. So I'll just say, thank-you all...
  12. alk747triodad

    Barn Update

    The June "micro-burst" we had caused a few problems at the barn. Luckily, no trees landed on either structure but we have about 4 trees that landed to the right of the main barn and 1 that landed against the back of the far building. There is a tree on the well wire back near the well that we...
  13. alk747triodad

    Broken motor mount?

    My fan is hitting the top passenger side of the fan shroud, so before I attempt to fix I would like some advice. 1) Is this a broken motor mount and and if so, which one? 2) Should I replace both? 3) Where should I order them? 4) If not motor mount, what is it? The only time I have problems...
  14. alk747triodad

    Open Cape Hatteras Since we are now officially signed on with the Blue Ribbon Coalition, will everyone take a moment and fire off a letter to their representatives. There is a highlighted link at the very end of the thread and it took...
  15. alk747triodad

    1985 FJ60 near Charlotte

    A Great Restoration Project! ***SOLD**** Helping my BIL sell his stock Oct 1985 FJ60. He purchased from original owner in 1992 with 27,xxx miles on it and used for his DD about 10 years. Current mileage in 122,118. Yes, you are reading that right! I have receipts from inspections that show...
  16. alk747triodad

    Did this come off my 80?

    After trail riding yesterday, Mike was following me back to the lake, and we were almost there when I heard a clank like something fell off underneath and bounced up and hit the underside a few times. We stopped and Mike said it looked like a bushing had fallen off but this is what we found...
  17. alk747triodad

    URE Ride

    Lurking on your site, I see some interest in a camping trip/trail ride. Just wanted to invite you guys up for the weekend of April 6th at the barn for camping and trail riding. As normal for our group, we don't talk about whose coming til the week of the event. I'm not expecting a huge...
  18. alk747triodad

    Error keeps popping up

    When I change threads, I get this error message: Error: document.getElementsByTagName(...)[0}is undefined Is there something I need to do to eliminate this error message?
  19. alk747triodad

    What kind of snake is this?

    I came across this snake at the lake house. I'm figuring brown water snake but I'm no expert. Any snakeatoligist in this group? Sent from my iPhone using IH8MUD
  20. alk747triodad

    Guess where I am

    Let's play a game. I'll give you 3 hints and let's see who can figure it out. If no right answers within 24 hours, I will give 1 more hint. And so on. Be specific! Yeti can't play. Sent from my iPhone using IH8MUD
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