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  1. Bigsky80

    Ice problems with sliders

    Well like many of you we are dealing with some cold temps and snow here in Montana. This is my first winter with sliders (IPOR from Metal Tach) and I've noticed that as ice builds up behind the front wheel I get a knocking due to the limited clearance between the slider and the body being...
  2. Bigsky80

    Does this look right (e-brake related)

    I'm trying to chase down a squeak/ rattle in the back and decided it must be e-brake related. I noticed these bolts with a pad just floating. Are they supposed to be seated and does anyone know if they can be purchased separately? The nut is stuck so I will need to replace them. Thanks for...
  3. Bigsky80

    Wickes tunnel this weekend?

    Would anybody be interested in doing the Wickes tunnel this weekend? Looks like it is ice free. Cheers, Scot
  4. Bigsky80

    Handheld CB radio?

    Hello folks, Does anyone in the club use a handheld CB? I know HAM is the best/preferred communication, but I'm just not ready to commit to that. I also know radio is a requirement for club runs so I'm looking for a relatively simple solution that will fit the bill. I honestly would only be...
  5. Bigsky80

    Front Sway Bar Bushing Question

    A few weeks ago I developed a front end squeak and decided I needed to address it. First I replaced the sway bar end links (they were in bad shape). The squeak continued so I replaced the sway bar bushings. This resulted in a pop when transitioning from left to right while driving...
  6. Bigsky80

    Spark plugs at 130K

    I know spark plugs have been cover in depth, but I figured I would add my info. The plugs were done at 80k and it now has 210K. One of the plugs has what looks like blow by, but other wise they all looked good. There were no issues removing the coil packs. Cheers, Scot
  7. Bigsky80

    $15 pet barrier

    My dog has gotten a little big for his kennel and I decided the best solution was a barrier. I looked at Speski (probably the best option), but they are even more expensive now so I decided to pass. Next I checked out rainger nets, but I felt $220 for nylon webbing was a bit much. So now I...
  8. Bigsky80

    For Sale  SOLD Montana / 1991 FJ80 / $6000

    I’m considering selling my beloved FJ80 and would like a little feedback. I will post more updated pictures after work. It has about 250k on the clock. The engine was recently tuned up by Rising Sun in Bozeman. At the same time the front axel was rebuilt with new Toyota birfs. The front...
  9. Bigsky80

    Visor cards?

    I had a 94 4runner that had an awesome set of visor cards with information about what and where to grease things, off road driving tips, ect. My FJ80 has a couple of cards, but there is less information. My 100 series has a place for the cards, but there are none. SO my question is do any of...
  10. Bigsky80

    AHC won't turn on

    Okay folks here's my problem: I ordered tech stream to test my AHC pressure. Plugged it in and selected the LX470. Then I went to the AHC data page, but all of the pressure readings were 0. Let me note that prior to this my AHC functioned fine and had 8 lines of deliniation. So I figured I...
  11. Bigsky80

    Rear water by-pass question

    Okay mudders, Have any of you encountered a situation like the one pictured below? If so I have 2 questions. First does the entire bypass joint need to be replaced? If it does how difficult is the job? If not how do I fix it? I guess thats three questions:meh: Cheers, Scot
  12. Bigsky80

    Would you keep these tires?

    Hello Mudd, My new to me has new tires, but I'm not sure about the quality. The are made Dean Tire and seem to get good reviews online. The reason I ask is because my family will soon be picking up a custom trailer so the LX will be doing some light towing. The trailer weight 1150 pounds...
  13. Bigsky80

    New owner in Montana

    Hello all, I've been on the forum for a while over on the 80 thread, but recently acquired an LX 470. I wasn't looking (well I'm kind-of always looking:meh:), but it was a price I couldn't pass on so I pulled the trigger. I have to be honest, I am VERY impressed by it. I always felt the 80...
  14. Bigsky80

    Who has their CB antenna mounted on the bumper

    I posted this in the 80 section to allow for more 80 specific tech. YES I know I should buy a HAM:deadhorse:. Yes I know the bumper isn't an ideal location, but for my plans I think it will be the most convenient location. So I know a few of you are set up this way... any issues? Oh and...
  15. Bigsky80

    Talk me out of a 100 series

    Backstory: I have an 80 series and my wife has a 2016 4runner. She doesn't really like the 4runner so we are thinking about trading it in on a 1999 100 series. The way I see it: Good points: No car payment (we have enough trade in value for the Land Cruiser Full time 4WD something my wife...
  16. Bigsky80

    Yaak Valley?

    Hello all, I'll be getting back from overseas next month and plan to take the family camping. We have never explored the yaak so it's on our shortlist. My FJ80 is unlocked on 31s (I know but it's a work in progress) so with that in mind do you have any recommendations? Cheers, Scot
  17. Bigsky80

    1991 FJ80 Transmission Trouble

    First before you all start the flogging I would like to say the search function isn't working at my current location (I don't know why). My wife took my FJ80 to a well respected Toyota shop to have some work done before I return from overseas. The shop is about 3 hours from where we live and...
  18. Bigsky80

    What first... bigger tires, sliders, or skid plates

    Just like the title says I'm looking for some opinions on what to buy first. All three aren't in the budget at the moment, but I would like to do one of the above. I primarily drive forest service roads in Montana and haven't done too much serious wheeling. Of course as I make improvements to...
  19. Bigsky80

    Below zero coolant leak

    Here are the details 1991 FJ80 230K miles. Here's the problem, it leaks a couple of ounces of coolant when it goes from fully warmed up to fully cold when the outside temp is below 0 Fahrenheit. The leak is from the lower radiator hose. Have any of you experienced this and if so what was the...
  20. Bigsky80

    What JDM mods can be done to our 80's

    Hello fellow Mudders, I searched and couldn't find a list of JDM mods we can do if we have the parts. I'm heading over seas and may try to collect some JDM specific stuff. So here's what I'm looking for: What the mod is Does it plug and play with our wiring harness What parts are needed to...
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