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  1. Lxfofiddy

    Lxfofiddys other non locked 80

    Ok so I'm blowing up the forum today trying to get all my spots aligned. I plan on using this thread to document the upgrades and maintenance I do to my 97 lx450. It has around 220k on it. It's my daily driver and other them gas consumption love it. I'm running ome lift, ko2s, arb front...
  2. Lxfofiddy

    97 Lxfofiddys build

    So I'm gonna start a build page for my 97 lx450. I'm really new to forums and hoping this turns into something I like. This is gonna be a slow build considering I'm not rich by any means, and we all know how deep this gets. So leta just jump into it...the vehicle is a 97 lx with around 220k...
  3. Lxfofiddy

    New to forums

    Hi guys and gals. I've finally decided to make an account on here to finally keep all my vehicles pics and info in one solid place. I currently have 2 97 lx450s. A black one that's my daily non locked. The second lx is locked but has a bad motor. I currently have a spare motor that I'm...
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