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  1. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  West Virginia: 1985 VW Golf Diesel

    This is our 1985 VW 5sp 1.6l diesel. Currently 228k but still in use. This has been a great car for long daily commutes and several long road trips. Wail I’ve had it I have been replacing things to make it a dependable car for long trips. I have records for some. Motor and drivetrain are solid...
  2. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    I am starting a build/enigine swap on a ‘82 FJ60. It has a strong running 2F. The transmission shifts weird from 2nd :1st, more on this if you call. But I’ll throw in everything that is hooked to the motor, fan to transfer case. It brings me pain to let it go, I believe the 2F is the greatest...
  3. ZombieResponseUnit

    losing fuel from carb

    OK, I'm sure this is a common thing but I haven't been able to find the answer here. So, the current vehicle is an '82 fj60 that is new to me. It's been setting for a looong time (over 10years) and it's taken a wail to get it running (cloged fuel lines, etc). Now it will start on starter...
  4. ZombieResponseUnit

    eBay  '88 4Runner

    Toyota: 4Runner Not mine, but a close friend. I'll answer any questions I can.
  5. ZombieResponseUnit

    Help! Another Stumble/misfire 22re

    Alright, lets do this. I know this isn't easy, but I've searched a lot and not found any answers. I said I'd never have an EFI motor but a '94 truck just fell into my life and I can use it so, lets try to make it run right. I'm pretty good at working on diesel engines, everything on the farm is...
  6. ZombieResponseUnit

    Wanted  Factory/OEM Steel wheels

    I'm looking for 4 solid steel wheels to fit on an '85 4x4 pick-up. The wheels from a FJ40 will work. I'm currently running 16 inch split rims.
  7. ZombieResponseUnit

    MUDShip  WV to Lafayette LA

    Short notice, but I'll be going to LA this weekend. Driving a F-250 to Knoxville, then riding with friends in a 4Runner for the rest of the trip. More then welcome to pick-up anything that will fit.
  8. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  '84 4Runner 22r in WV

    This is a very original, early first production 4runner. The truck came to us almost completely stock. We bought the truck two years ago in TN, at just under 200,000. I've replaced some things such as: a new radiator, hoses, alternator, cap wires, plugs, fuel pump, new clutch master cylinder...
  9. ZombieResponseUnit

    Name this engine (Not a B?) Sorry if this should go in the classifieds section. I'm intrested in this Land crusier, but i'm not very familiar with the 'B' motors or the 70 sieres for that matter. The post...
  10. ZombieResponseUnit

    '84 4Runner Bucking/ Backfiring

    OK, The rig is an '84 stock 22R w/ a 5sp. It has cruise control and all of the original smog still attached. The auto choke seems to function correctly as well as the accelerator plunger. The bucking happens when you step on the pedal trying to accelerate, or going up a hill. If you are delicate...
  11. ZombieResponseUnit

    Feed Pump Rebuild

    This isn't a Land Cruiser, but the injector pump appears to be similar to the one on the H diesel in my HJ45. This one is off of my IH 274 cultivator tractor (made by Komatsu in Japan). It's running a Nissan SD16. The feed pump is labeled "Kiki 05220-4950" I seem to be having a misfire along...
  12. ZombieResponseUnit

    Hard Top Cleaner

    I'm looking for recommendations for a cleaner to remove the black mold scum off the white top of the 4-Runner.
  13. ZombieResponseUnit

    STA Supper Traxion

    Hello, I'm looking to get tires for the '84 4-runner and am thinking about the STA Supper Traxion My question today is "Why do some tires require tubes, and are they really necessary?" No split rims, just the factory steals.
  14. ZombieResponseUnit

    eBay  '91 F-SuperDuty 7.3l

    This is my '91 F-Super Duty Flat bed. It curently runs Diesel,Veg-oil, or Bio-diesel. Check it out on eBay:
  15. ZombieResponseUnit

    Wanted  FJ45/HJ45 Springs

    I have an '80 HJ45 that is in bad need of some suspension. It would be nice to have a lift or new springs but I'm really open to any offers. I'm in WV and would not mind paying shipping.
  16. ZombieResponseUnit

    Need Springs from TX to WV

    Looking for someone to transport a set of springs from TX to WV. Anywhere close to WV would be fine. Here's a link to the springs: Thank You Adam
  17. ZombieResponseUnit

    H heater install

    It's starting to get cold in WV. So, I'm putting in a heater that I got out of a FJ40 in a junk yard (WNC Auto Parts). So far I've taken the box and blower part, cleaned and painted them. A little soaking in PB Blaster for the valve and cables and they function well. I hooked the blower up to a...
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