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  1. mtntoys

    Intermittent power loss 22re

    Wow this is an old one I forgot about. The wiring to the fuel pump was damaged causing intermittent low fuel pressure.
  2. mtntoys

    SOLD Felton, PA: CVT Mt. Mckinley RTT w/ Annex sleeps 4+

    With the annex it's 225lbs (according to CVT).
  3. mtntoys

    SOLD  Felton, PA: CVT Mt. Mckinley RTT w/ Annex sleeps 4+

    CVT Mt. Mckinley (Mt. Denali extended) roof top tent. Only used 5 nights (3 weekends). Always put away dry and stored inside when not in use. The tent is in excellent like new condition. We’ve never used the annex. There are two entry ladders and doors along with a divider that can be installed...
  4. mtntoys

    Builds "The Cucumber" build. Ultimate 80-series. 1HD-FT, H152F, PTO and just about every other cool option

    Great build. Toyota might use the "mystery sensor" to signal the 1VD to have a torque reduction when the transmission is in 1st gear. Heavy duty OEMs have torque reductions when a manual transmission is in lower gears to prevent over loading the powertrain.
  5. mtntoys

    Webasto Heater in swapped 1hdt

    It fits well on the passenger fender close to the fire wall.
  6. mtntoys

    For Sale 1985 Toyota 4runner SR5 5spd w/Elockers & Dual Tcases WV/VA/MD/PA

    Got a deposit. Consider it sold.
  7. mtntoys

    For Sale 1985 Toyota 4runner SR5 5spd w/Elockers & Dual Tcases WV/VA/MD/PA

    The rest of my pictures aren't uploading...More pictures can be seen here: 1985 Toyota 4Runner SR5 5spd w/Elockers & Dual Tcases
  8. mtntoys

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4runner SR5 5spd w/Elockers & Dual Tcases WV/VA/MD/PA

    SOLD This 4runner is ready to wheel. Drives well on the highway. Not a trailer queen. The frame is in good shape. No holes or rot. There is a little rust around the wheel wells as seen in the pictures. Lots of Dents and scratches. 162,479 miles on the odometer. 15k-25k miles on the...
  9. mtntoys

    Builds Trifecta Build Thread - KOH EMC, Cruise Moab, Rubithon

    If you don't plan to do any fuel system mods with the supercharger, a 96 ECM can't handle boost. 96-97 have manual slid/cable HVAC controls. I'd avoid the auto(Limited) HVAC if you plant to retain heat. All off the "upgrades" on the later models will be ripped off for the build and are...
  10. mtntoys

    Cummins 2.8

    This can probably be done with factory Toyota parts. Some HZJ7* have R series transmissions and split cases. The AX15 and Toyota R series is the same family from Aisin. R series - AX15
  11. mtntoys

    Cabin insulation for winter camping

    Curtains around the windows, a 12V blanket and webasto with a auxiliary battery make winter camping enjoyable. We use the 12V blanket to preheat before going to bed and the webasto to warm everything up in the morning. Weather tech vent visors are nice so you can crack the widow in bad weather...
  12. mtntoys

    Hub studs

    The factory studs sheared twice on my mini truck(they were torque to spec). Tried the trail gear ARP junk. They striped before even reaching factory torque spec. I've been running the FROR ARP studs since without issue. Torque them to spec before every trip. I'd give the FROR...
  13. mtntoys

    Who has a 3" exhaust? I have questions

    LX450 1HZ Turbo Diesel & 5speed swap
  14. mtntoys

    For Sale HZ/HD/FJ80 Copper/Brass CSF Radiator

    Both radiators are Sold.
  15. mtntoys

    Show me your clutch pedals...

    Akella can hook you up with an OEM pedal assembly and master cylinder. Pictures and info on mine: LX450 1HZ Turbo Diesel & 5speed swap
  16. mtntoys

    Builds Project Beat the Baby- 76 FJ40 -5.3, 4l60, Atlas, Dynatrac 60 etc

    Congrats on the baby girl :cheers:
  17. mtntoys

    Cruise control on 5 speed swap

    Glad you figured it out. X2 what CycloSteve said. The yellow wire from IL1 pin 6 powers the transmission indicator switch and the black orange wire to IL2 pin 4 is the Drive signal coming back from the transmission indicator switch.
  18. mtntoys

    Cruise control on 5 speed swap

    The 3FE cruise actuator was needed to connect to the diesel fuel pump. On the 3FE/1HZ/1HDT the accelerator pedal cable runs to the cruise actuator not the engine. You should't need it with the stock 1FZ :cheers:
  19. mtntoys

    Cruise control on 5 speed swap

    Yep, run switch 12v to the black/orange wire going to pin 2 on the cruise ECU. I wired everything at the IL1 and IL2 connectors since they're right next to eachother and weren't plugged into anything with a Diesel engine.
  20. mtntoys

    Cruise control on 5 speed swap

    The circuit that lights up the D light in the cluster needs +12v for cruise to work. Jump IL1 connector pin 6 (yellow wire) to IL2 connector pin 4 (B-O wire) to get +12v on the drive light circuit with the key on. LX450 1HZ Turbo Diesel & 5speed swap
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