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  1. Pinion

    Wanted looking for a carb, linkage and air cleaner for 2F 40

    I'm not unsure about how my truck is set up. I built my 40 a long time ago from a couple of donors and would like to use Aisin parts, but I'm not going to sacrifice a summer because of it. I use my truck but haven't spent much wrench time on it in 10 years because of other hobbies. I just...
  2. Pinion

    Wanted looking for a carb, linkage and air cleaner for 2F 40

    Hi, it's a 79 2F installed in a 71 tub/frame. The current carb is a Holley 350cfm that uses a throttle cable. I'm not sure if I need linkages for the factory setup or not for what I have going on.
  3. Pinion

    Wanted  looking for a carb, linkage and air cleaner for 2F 40

    My rig has never really run right with the POS aftermarket carb that came on one of my motors over the years. I'm in MA and looking for a setup. I'm all out of parts to make it work, so I'm looking for anyone who is parting out a 40 who has it available. I'll rebuild the carb if necessary. Let...
  4. Pinion

    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Warn Winch Controller Box and Remote $100
  5. Pinion

    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Engine Hoist, leveler and stand $150/bo. All in great/like new condition.
  6. Pinion

    Free Parts! FJ40 (1971 & 1978)

    Hi everyone, As of now, the parts are spoken for. Thank you all for the interest. If I have more parts, I'll revive the post. Thanks! Rob
  7. Pinion

    Free Parts! FJ40 (1971 & 1978)

    Hi, I havent logged on here in probably 3 years or so, but I wanted to pass along/pay forward a lot of random FJ40 parts. I'm moving in mid November, and in the process of cleaning the garage I've come across a lot of things I dont need. Instead of trying to sell the stuff, I'm giving it...
  8. Pinion

    emergency repairs '69 FJ40

    Roll it downhill and pop the clutch.
  9. Pinion

    Nifty idea for rigs without a radio.

    Mine was cobbled together from leftover crap I pulled from previous vehicles.
  10. Pinion

    Nifty idea for rigs without a radio.

    I use an old amp and an RCA -> Headphone jack cable hooked to the input. Amp sits in a metal box on the rear fender well. Cell phone does the work of the head unit.
  11. Pinion

    Early 1971 or Late 1971? That is the question.

    Mine is a Nov. 71 and had the column shifter. You dont have a VIN plate on your truck? How about the build plate in the engine compartment?
  12. Pinion

    Request for Metrowest CO2 suppliers

    I need to pull a part from a JY. I also want to start using my mig with gas. The price difference for me pulling the JY part vs. the JY pulling it is $115. I already have a regulator and enough parts to make an OBA tank, but dont have the tank. So, I'm looking for pricing for C25 in the...
  13. Pinion

    Todays wrenching

    I found out last weekend that a bicycle brake cable set from Sports Authority is an extremely cheap replacement for a throttle cable. $5 for 4 cables. Anyone need a spare? :D
  14. Pinion

    Engines painted

    I used the high heat cast iron paint. Still looks like freshly casted iron after 5 years.
  15. Pinion

    fj55 mini truck upgrades

    If the pig and 40 have the same steering set up, then all you need is the pump, box and a mount fabbed up from two pieces of angle iron. In fact, I think all I changed was the box and pump, then left everything else as-is.
  16. Pinion

    Todays wrenching

    Did you check to see if your slave cylinder is leaking? Do you have fluid in the reservoir? You may need to adjust the slave cylinder push rod if you have fluid.
  17. Pinion

    To Wrap or Not to Wrap.. that is the question

    Wrapping is a great way to mummify the remains of what once was a good header. I think its always a bad idea for something that is exposed to the elements like these trucks.
  18. Pinion

    bad looking 90 wt.

    If it will make you feel better, when I drained mine it looked like mercury. I flushed it and havent had a single problem with it.
  19. Pinion

    Its Here! the new fjMount Locking knob

    Looks like a Thule knob with a lock.
  20. Pinion

    Todays wrenching

    Yesterday I completed the sandblasting of the chute on my 30 y/o Ariens snowblower. The Hemi Orange color is a very close match. Cant wait to use it without having to coat the inside with Pam, although I'll probably do that anyway. Once it gets warm, I may spray all the orange parts so it...
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