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    Made the 200 plunge today

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    How low can you go on a BP-51 suspension?

    I just found out from Slee that the 2720 springs are 20mm shorter than the 2721s and are for light load. So if you are not going to load up or do not have air bags, this is another option for the BP-51 set up.
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    Ham Call Sign Master List

  5. Bat Masterson

    Grom VLine

    Still waiting for the video cable that will work for 2018+
  6. Bat Masterson

    Cool video mods + Linx + airbags

    The Alpine setup is awesome. Very impressed with the video quality and having the HDMI switch in there future proofs the truck. Awaiting the Grom VL2 update for the 2020.
  7. Bat Masterson

    Cool video mods + Linx + airbags

    Eric also installed a 12.5 LRA aux tank with upgraded fuel pump. That is a very useful mod and reduces my gas station stops.
  8. Bat Masterson

    Cool video mods + Linx + airbags

    Pretty easy to do. I found a YouTube video that steps you through the process. All you need is some wire and a hot glue gun (originally did this for my boat). Eric’s team did the hard work. The whole package works fantastic with a WiFi hotspot. I use the Spark.
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    SOLD Indianapolis 2008 LC200 Red

    Agree with your experience about Ed Martin Toyota and Eric Sarjeant. I drove 10 hours from Virginia to trade my 2008 LC200 on a new 2020 non-HE. Fantastic quality on his mods and install work. Highly recommend him. Also congrats to Eric on selling the 2008 in less than a week.
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    SOLD Indianapolis 2008 LC200 Red

    I bought it from Rhino Radios. They were very helpful with the install and questions. It was difficult going from a 16” screen down to a 9” limited OEM screen :) Romer has an active install going right now with this same unit.
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    Under hood lights

    Highly recommend these! I no longer need a flashlight at night. Great job Eric.
  12. Bat Masterson

    CarPlay Retrofit Update?

    Interested...any updates on this and how it might compare to the GROM VL2?
  13. Bat Masterson

    Fog Lights on lower front grill? New Rigid Industries DOT/SAE model available...

    Could you advise how these were mounted and possibly post a picture?
  14. Bat Masterson

    Grom VLine

    They said it would not.
  15. Bat Masterson

    East Coast LC expert

    Concur on both of these if you are in the Northern Va area
  16. Bat Masterson

    Grom VLine

    I spoke with Beatsonic and there is no plan to make a CarPlay solution for the Landcruiser. They also admitted that it is very difficult to integrate an aftermarket device into the OEM system without running into some bugs/glitches. It takes quite a bit of effort and the ability to have the...
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    Grom VLine

    I would be interested in the 2020 model. Had to return the 2017 Lexus version as it is not compatible with 2020 LC. They said up to a month and are waiting for a video cable. Also looking forward to that wireless CarPlay feature.
  18. Bat Masterson

    Grom VLine

    Can you find out what Model will work with a 2020 LC? I was told the 2017 Lexus version and now hearing shipping is delayed to early March due to a video cable. I really need this ASAP for an install Eric is working on.
  19. Bat Masterson

    Grom VLine

    GROM says HDMI-out does not currently work and is in development.
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