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  1. mlv289

    Wanted  Who bought all the 3FE FPRs?

    Anyone have a 3FE fuel pressure regulator sitting around? I've checked multiple sources and they are all sold out. OEM part number is 2328061010
  2. mlv289

    Wanted  91/92 FJ80 Front Disk Dust/Splash Shields

    anyone have an extra set of disk brake dust shields sitting around in useable condition? Mine are Swiss cheese.
  3. mlv289

    For Sale  1973 FJ40 Project Atlanta

    Located in Marietta, GA. FJ40 project that was started and is in pieces as of now. Frame has been wire wheeled and coated in POR15. Tub is excellent condition - not a drop of bondo. Any rust spots were cut out and replaced with donor metal. Great starting point to keep original or build up...
  4. mlv289

    For Sale  Atlanta, GA: Rear hatch 3rd light ass'y

    light and attaching hardware from a 1997 fzj80 rear hatch. Will ship. $20.00
  5. mlv289

    Parting Out  OEM 91, 92 etc wheels

    Wheels and 31" tires. Coming off a 95 4runner. Other 4runner parts available. $450.00 Atlanta, GA
  6. mlv289

    For Sale  Parting Out - 1995 4x4 SR5 Atlanta GA

    Engine blown, some rust. Interior is 95% awesome! Let me know what parts you need. All original.
  7. mlv289

    For Sale  GA: 1997 40th with Lockers 268k

    I'll start this by saying that I am 99% confident that this rig is going to be for sale. It was brought in to our shop today for a "full detail" and some small maintenance items (diff fluid change, transfer case fluid change, hood struts and minor to do's). The owner is in the process of...
  8. mlv289

    For Sale  1988 Toyota Truck 4x4 22re Extended Cab

    Letting go of this project. I had big dreams for it but I need to move on. 1988 Toyota Truck, manual transmission, 4x4 22re. Needs a head gasket replacement. Frame is rust free, it has some rust spots on the body. Bed is okay, I have painted it to preserve it but there are some small rust...
  9. mlv289

    For Sale  ARB CKMTP12 portable compressor

    Used once and realized I am not going on any expedition anytime soon. Still on the fence about selling, but figured I would pass it on to someone who needs it after all of the good deals I have found on here - just looking for good cruiser karma. Now, if I get a flat on the way home today I am...
  10. mlv289

    A440F drain plug spin 1991 fj80

    So I went to do a drain and fill on my LC transmission and got the spinning drain plug. So far from my searches looks like the best thing to do is replace pan. Those seem to be disco by Mr. T. and I have not yet been able to source a new/used one. What I have not figured out from my searches...
  11. mlv289

    Wanted  91 LC, A440 Pan

    Anyone have an A440F pan for a 91 land cruiser laying around. Looks to be discontinued. Mine has the spinning drain plug problem, so I am assuming the pan threads are shot. Thanks!
  12. mlv289

    3FE no start...cause: dumb

    So ready to home on Friday. Went to start her up and nothing. I was a little alarmed when my door open light wasn't on. Checked the EFI fuse, looks good. Tried to start a few more times to see if she was just moody. Checked the fusible links. Looks good. Remember it was raining. Used the...
  13. mlv289

    craigslist  1996 Lx450 - Not mine

    Saw this one on my daily craigslist reading, looks nice and turn key as well. Factory triple locked and pretty much baselined, even the birf service was done.
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