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  1. phatairman

    2nd row door adjustment

    Gents- My passenger side 2nd row door sticks out less than a .25" but I would love to correct it. Does anyone know the procedure? Seems the latch just needs to move inboard a hair to line up the door. Thanks!
  2. phatairman

    Charcoal hose bracket off of the oil stick

    Guys- Does anyone know the part number or name of the plastic support bracket off of the oil dipstick? Had mine, but it broke off and my searching skills haven't found the part number to order.
  3. phatairman

    1992 Landcruiser for cheap in Douglasville

    Saw the link in chat and thought the GA boys should have the first go at it. No affiliation. 1992 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER - QCSA Direct Matt
  4. phatairman

    Hiking \ all around shoe - Merrell Moab Gore-tex, Anything better?

    The Merrell's have treated me very well. I'm probably on my 4th pair, but wanted Mud's opinion if there is a better shoe out there. I really like the gore-tek, comfort-ability and the durableness of these Merrells. What say you Mud?
  5. phatairman

    Broken Axle hub bolt - hard to replace?

    Well I finished up replacing a frozen caliper over the weekend and one of the axle hub bolts decided to give up the ghost after the successful repair. Anyway, how hard is it to replace one? I will be doing all six but wanted to know if I could replace them without removing the hub from the...
  6. phatairman

    Drain Cock plug question on new OEM Rad

    Got the new Rad from Cdan (Thanks!). And I was checking it out and I couldn't unscrew the drain cock plug with just using my hands. Next step is to get some pliers on it but I wanted to check if anyone else had experienced this. Seems like it might have gotten an extra application of...
  7. phatairman

    Britax car seat in the 80

    Question for the fellow Britax owners: Which model do you have and where is it positioned in your Cruiser? Background: Time for the little one to bump up in toddler car seats and I really like the reviews and raves from fellow owners of Britax car seats. But fitting one in the back seat of...
  8. phatairman

    Atlanta Junkyards for Landcruisers

    Hey guys- My 80 needs a 3rd member and an ABS sensor. Would anyone recommend any local junkyards that would have Landcruisers. I am not getting a lot of luck with Google in the ATL area. Thanks for any advice. Matt
  9. phatairman

    Candy-striped by the dealership

    The title should read "Candy-striped by the dealership" Here is the damage they did to my truck while testing up it on a lift. The front drive shaft has a small groove in it from the sway bar. Why would the DS hang that low and cause that damage? Do you think I should ask the dealership...
  10. phatairman

    Rear 3rd whine - New Gears?

    Just got out of the stealership trying to figure out my rear whine/rumble strip noise. They said the rear 3rd was toast. New pinion bearing, set of carrier bearings and probably, because of all that wear the rings are bad. Quoted me a repair bill of $2000!!!! No thanks. I will do this with...
  11. phatairman

    Jumper Cables

    I am looking for a good recommendation for some good quality jumper cables. I searched but no one was talking about where they bought them from or what they bought. I think I would like something in the 2 to 4 gauge cable range with at least 20 feet. Any online dealers anyone can refer...
  12. phatairman

    Replace rear siding quarter glass

    I HATE THIEVES!!!!! :mad: I was broken into with the thought they had grabbed my laptop backpack. Nope just a bunch of networking cabling and other misc. stuff. Anyway, how hard is it to replace one of the siding windows? I am a 2 1/2 bananna man but am willing to try it. Has anyone done...
  13. phatairman

    How long to starters last?

    I ask because I replaced my starter with a remaned one 2.5 years ago and I have had 3 no-starts within the past 2 weeks. The weird thing is there is no clicking sound when it doesn’t start. It (knock on wood) always starts on the 2nd attempt but I would rather deal with just replacing the...
  14. phatairman

    Tricks for installing a drive shaft

    Yesterday after work I was defeated trying to install my rear drive shaft. How can you get the drive shaft to spin freely? I had transfer case and the gear shifter in neutral and I still couldn’t spin it to match up the holes. It was very frustrating for such a simple task.:mad::mad:
  15. phatairman

    Drive Shaft shop knows Landcruisers.........

    I just wanted to vent about my experiences with a local DS shop here. The tech part is FZJ80's front DS in 90 degrees out of phase. Anyway, I dropped the DS off Friday to have them replaced the u-joints with new ones from Cdan and informed them multiple times that this is a Toyota Landcruiser...
  16. phatairman

    New driveline noise

    I am getting some medium to high level noise from my driveline (I believe). It gets louder with speed and lowers when you slow down. It sounds like the famous rumble strip noise. So I was hoping for just a bad U-joint. I pull the rear drive shaft. The U-joints pass inspection so I lock...
  17. phatairman

    Overdrive switch

    I was trying to switch out my shifter and gave up when the O/D wires would not come through the old shifter. So I put it back together. But now O/D is always on. Apparently I did not put the switch back together right. The problem is it will not click and stay in. I can drive around hold...
  18. phatairman

    Brake Pulsing Problem

    I definitely have a weird braking problem. It happens when I am in traffic (most the time riding the brake) and I have the brake pedal engaged maybe ¼ of the way to the floor and then I need to stop; this is when the pulsing starts and the 80 doesn’t slow like it should. I feel it through the...
  19. phatairman

    95 died on the highway Sunday…

    Driving along Sunday and the engine just died. This area was flat. The RPMs just went to zero; steering got real tight and the brakes didn’t work too well. So I am on the shoulder with the dead 80; I try to start it up and it is really trying to start but it won’t start and it just seems like...
  20. phatairman

    The 80 would not turn off until

    I turn the rear defrost switch off. Let me explain, the engine will turn off when I turned the key to off but the AC/Heater will stayed on and the lights in the dash stayed on until I turn the rear defrost off. This is extremely wierd, I know. A little history on my truck, when I...
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