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    oil pressure gauge good, then not so much

    The oil pressure gauge on my '68 FJ40 shows good pressure at start up but then slowly fades to almost nothing after the engine warms up. Every time. Any suggestions?

    60/40 '68 fj40 seat covers/ protectors

    I am looking for a set of seat covers to protect my upholstered seats. I saw a set on a for sale vehicle but could not read the mfg. tags. thanks! rod w.

    fj40 round tail lights bulb replacement

    '68 fj40- Trying to remove the red lense so that I can discover what color wire feeds the running light. The lens and chrome trim are loose from the housing but don't seem to want to separate. May also need to change the bulb down the road. My real goal is to get running lights on the...

    FJ40 Battery Tray- Coating

    Folks, I just finished scraping off what I believe is the original rubberized coating from my '68 FJ Battery tray. It was flaking off in spots and was providing a great place for rust to begin. Wire-wheeled everything that I could get to, hit it all with lacquer thinner, and applied a spray...
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