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  1. TWatson

    Wanted  Stainless Steel Hood Rests - 1981 or Later FJ4*

    Looking for a set of these.
  2. TWatson

    Anyone need 33 x 12.5 x 15 Spare

    I have a nice 33 x 12.5 x 15. Would make a good spare.
  3. TWatson

    Wanted  1981 FJ40 - Throttle Linkage

    Would anyone by chance have these parts available used? Would take additional portions of linkage as well (78106,78107, etc). Thnx, Tom Watson
  4. TWatson

    For Sale  1984 FJ45 LHD - Santa Troopy

    Upgrading to new sleigh next year. To be sold following completion of Christmas deliveries. Seating for 12 (24 elves). Custom roof sliders. Please PM me with contact info and I will return call with full details, repairs, pics, etc. $35,000 obo.
  5. TWatson

    For Sale  2005 LC - Reduced - Dallas, TX

    2005 100 Series. Texas Truck. White with 185k mostly highway miles. I am the second owner. First owner traded in for a new Acura MDX. Has been mine or my wife's daily driver for the last 3.5 years. First timing belt was on CarFax at the time I bought the truck. Currently due for next one...
  6. TWatson

    1977 FJ43

    This one should be here tommorrow. I've had a few hits on the craigslist ad but would love to sell local. 1977 FJ43 Toyota Land Cruiser Tom Watson
  7. TWatson

    For Sale  1987 FJ73 LHD FST 2.0 - Dallas, TX

    Another crazy clean FJ73. Approx 82,000 miles believed to be original. A/C. No heat. Recently completed mechanical review. Expecting Texas title and plates within 30 days. - $30,000 obo.
  8. TWatson

    For Sale  1988 FJ73 LHD LX - Dallas, TX

    Awesome 1988 FJ73 LHD LX. Showing right at 20,000 km on rebuilt 3F. Color code indicates this truck was originally maroon. I believe I am the 3rd owner on this truck. Has many factory LX options. Can be delivered within 30 days with Texas title and plates. $32,000 obo. A/C Heat Suspensions...
  9. TWatson

    For Sale  1987 FJ73 LHD FST - Dallas, TX

    So do you buy it or do you build it? I know it is quite often I go to Toyota for a list of OEM giblets and leave with a small box and a much lighter wallet or to a mechanic or paint shop and am shocked at how quickly things add up. If you are looking for an FJ73 as strikingly close to the day...
  10. TWatson

    For Sale  1987 FJ73 LHD Maroon - Dallas, TX

    Pay no attention to the hideous wheels. This is another excellent FJ73 candidate. It has been owned by its second owner, an older gentleman and garage kept for about the last 18 years. In my opinion, this one should be repainted as it was a victim of a somewhat marginal quality respray and...
  11. TWatson

    For Sale  1987 FJ73 LHD Khaki - Dallas, TX

    I have had my eye on this one for a while. It has been garage kept and is the second car of a family that seems to only get out and drive it periodically. Recent interior reupholstery. Showing approximately 205,000 miles on stock 3F. I believe they are the second owners. A/C - No Heat. I...
  12. TWatson

    For Sale  FJ45 Pickup Beds - Done and Done

    Well it has taken a while but I have two pickup beds that I am expecting to ship in the next few weeks. I only have the two. May or may not get any more. Has kind of been a big hassle. The production of them was significantly longer than I expected and I am not sure it will actually make sense...
  13. TWatson

    SOLD 255 75 17 - Dallas, TX

    1 Probably never hit the ground. 2 at probably 50-60% Open to offers. Tom Watson
  14. TWatson

    For Sale  SOLD 255 75 17 - Dallas, TX

    One new, probably never on the ground. 2 at probably 50-60% Tom Watson
  15. TWatson

    For Sale  SOLD 33 x 12.50 x 15 with Wheels - Dallas, TX

    Have 4 nice ones here. Tires and Wheels Open to reasonable offers. Tom Watson Dallas, TX
  16. TWatson

    SOLD 33 x 12.5 x 15 with Wheels

    33 x 12.5 x 15 Have 4 nice one's here on 15 inch wheels. Open to reasonable offers. Tom Watson Dallas, TX 469-855-5882
  17. TWatson

    For Sale  TEQ Mudflaps

    I've got a couple extra sets in my personal stash right now. These are a good quality reproduction and a nice feature to have. The paint appears to have been done by hand or as a heat transfer so is not completely flawless but is good. The flaps are packaged two to a set. I have seen several...
  18. TWatson

    For Sale  1977 FJ43 - Reduced - Survivor in Dallas, TX

    This one comes pretty close to being a survivor in my book. Uncut dash, minimal paint work ever, black vinyl seat covers under protective aftermarket covers. Many original Toyota details such as early Nippondenso overflow bottle and plastic clips still place in many fender locations. Mileage...
  19. TWatson

    For Sale  1987 FJ73 LHD - Dallas, TX

    This one came to me highly recommended through a mechanic friend. Runs and drives very well maintaining many original features. I believe I am only the second owner. Currently showing approximately 43,000 miles on rebuilt carbureted 3F. Expecting Texas title and plates within 30 days. $SOLD
  20. TWatson

    For Sale  FJ43's and FJ45's in Texas - An Introduction

    For over twenty five years I have been a Land Cruiser aficionado, starting with a single FJ40 and eventually having owned and driven most models. With me when I call my insurance agent to add a vehicle, they never even ask “What vehicle?”, they just ask “What year?”, while briefly commenting...
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