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    rear hatch linkage

    hello all, the linkage keep(small plastic piece) that holds the linkage to the lever has broken on the push button linkage allowing it to fall off the lever preventing the exterior push button from opening the hatch. the interior lock pull linkage works fine still. Are there any fixes to...
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    brake system upgrade?

    Hello all, I have a stiff pedal with little to no stopping, I think my master cylinder has been going for awhile. I'm running the original brake system with a chevy v8 and 35" tires on my 85' 60. Should i stay original or are there better options? thanks, Chris
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    wtb fj60 speedo cable

    Anybody have one they'd like to part with? thanks, chris
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    WTB 8o series radius arm

    Looking to do the traction bar set-up on my 60. Is anybody holding? Thanks, Chris
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    merry christmas!

    hello all, found a key fob from my ex's 96 fzj. anybody want it? come pick it up! Cheers!
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    60 steering gearbox

    Hello all, any local recommendations for a 60 steering gearbox rebuild? thanks, chris
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    traction bar for an fj60

    hello all, im looking for local options for my soa fj60. Does anybody know of someone fabricating them? thanks, Chris
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    camping recommendation

    hello all, i'm looking for a midweek fishing in the pines spot. haigler creek says it doesn't open till april. any suggestions? thanks, chris
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    tbi help

    any resident experts on chevy tbi set-ups? I'm trying to dial in a smoother idle on my 350 conversion in my fj60. and does anybody happen to have the recommended datamaster program that talks about? i don't have a laptop and am trying to avoid buying one for the sole purpose of...
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    fzj stock wheels

    just replaced my wife's, anybody have a need for 5 wheels, 2 with good stock tires, 3 bare? or am i better recycling?
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    front end rebuild

    hello all, ineed to go through my front end on my 96 fzj, the dealer told me that my dragging noise is from the front diff, 150k miles, and was wondering how difficult it is in comparison to an fj60 front end rebuild? and what do you think of putting on some locking hubs? i have a pair of warns...
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    first post in general section, i bought a kansas fzj80, and was wondering what a protective spray undercoat looks like. iwent to clean up the underside with degreaser and found a tar like coating on the pans, crossmember, and tank. i think with enough psi i can blast it off, but plain degreraser...
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    running with no front d-line

    Hello all, how long can i safely run my wife's 96 fzj, w/diff locks, for sound diagnosis purposes with no front driveshaft? thanks
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    front diff help

    Hello all, i just got my 96 fzj back from getting a new rs3000 brain, while it was at the dealership i had them check out a "dragging" noise from the front end that was apparent when the truck was coasting. i bought the truck 2 months ago from an old man who never even engaged the diff locks...
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    driveline angle

    hello all, i've heard 2 schools of thought on setting up pinion angle for a cv joint driveshaft. i'm hearing 0 it out and i'm hearing 1 degree above. experts? thanks for your input. chris
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    stock ride height tire size choices?

    found it
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    cv ujoints for 60 or pickup $20

    1/2 price mud discount toyota dc ujoints.
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    rs3000, no lighty!

    hello all, my 96 will not let me program my new remote, bought from toyota. the light on the dash will not light up for the life of me. i've followed all the instructions to no avail. my old fob will not unlock or lock the doors either. the dealer told me they couldn't get it to go into program...
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    fzj fan clutch

    Hello all, i just had the dealership up here at bell and 84th(1/4 mile from my house) tell me that i need to replace my fan clutch. 96 fzj with 150k. not having any problems but it idles with a chatter. does this sound kosher? i took the truck in originally to program a new remote that kristal...
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    hello all, new to me 96 fzj with 150k, has a slight grinding, almost drag sound coming from the front end. only noticeable on deceleration or coast, brakes look fine, just serviced before i purchased. anybody have any experience with this? or is this just what full time 4wd sounds like? thanks...
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