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  1. ramangain

    Looking for 04-05 LX470 test rig

    A buddy of mine just got screwed by Tanin in getting a refurbished cluster from them. Almost $1200 and they didn't reprogram the correct mileage. High probability his pending sale of his rig will fall through because Tanin QC is garbage. Totally unacceptable. My buddy is willing to send me...
  2. ramangain

    ANOTHER tire size thread (wink wink)

    General size comparison below. TECHNICALLY speaking, I'm wondering what tire size I'd need to match the heights of the two vehicles .... If you haven't seen the new Bronco in person, here ya go for a size comparison. Capabilities aside, it is NOT a direct competitor to the Hundy.
  3. ramangain

    Best mods to improve snow capability

    Folks, this thread is REALLY about seeing some pics of the snowpocalypse happening in the middle of the US right now. Additionally, hooning around in the snow in your Hundy, highlighting why your mod(s) make it possible/better, is highly encouraged. With the large snowfalls, the video plowing...
  4. ramangain

    Any discounts on parts from local Mr. T or Ms. L dealerships?

    Voss Toyota is closest to me, so I talked to the parts guys about a IH8MUD parts discount. I came from ABQ where the local dealership offered a 25% discount to Mudders. For bigger/heavier parts, it was cheaper to buy locally than pay for international shipping from UAE or buy from online...
  5. ramangain

    Details of part# 93383A5014

    These are the two bolts that hold the "cover" near the oil drain plug. See pic below, part number in soft red. Rather than paying dealership prices that don't even include the requisite vaseline, I'm curious if someone can post the specs to this part so I can go to my local hardware store and...
  6. ramangain

    Dayton area rust prevention shop for 01 LX without current rust issue

    I relocated to Dayton recently (hi!) and brought my 01 LX. The car does not have any rust issues, and I want to keep it that way. Normally I'd tackle this myself, but due to the already nasty/cold weather, I'm willing to pay a shop (or qualified individual on here) to apply a rust prevention...
  7. ramangain

    Installing Pioneer 8500NEX head unit (Double DIN)

    Just some quick notes for posterity ..... 1. Use USB right angle adapters like these: . This allows the HU to fully sit back and attach to the dash easily via the OEM brackets without crushing the back of regular USB cables. Over time, crushing the USB cable will cause them to deceptively...
  8. ramangain

    Rust prevention from road salts - do these work?

    The undercarriage of my rig is in great shape, and I'd like to keep it that way. I've always been curious about using tools like these: Undercarriage pressure washer attachment Do folks on here use these? Are they worth the $50-$60 to help get the road salts off of the bottom of the rig in...
  9. ramangain

    craigslist  03 LC just east of ABQ, NM

    No affiliation: 03 LC in New Mexico
  10. ramangain

    Illegitimi non carborundum

    Tough times recently, especially considering the national events this week, among other things. If you know you are doing good, don't stop no matter what others say. Haters will always hate. We can always stand by each other on common ground. Good example is when others need help, we step up...
  11. ramangain

    "Spotted" thread?

    I searched and didn't see any sort of main spotted thread in here. I find these super useful to associate online personas with vehicles I actually see out and about. Anyways, in the Embudo Trailhead parking lot there was a navy blue, roofracked, no-center-wheelcapped LC Hundy that was there...
  12. ramangain

    Impressed with Larry H Miller American Toyota parts department

    I bit the bullet and got some heavy parts (hub, spindle, axle) for my rig. I'm thankful to the dealership for: 1. Having a 30 day return policy, in case I don't need all of the new parts if some of the used parts I'm also acquiring are usable. 2. The total price for parts was less than from...
  13. ramangain

    Credit where credit is due

    Coming from FL as my home-base until October, I need to give the government and folks of NM proper credit for suppressing spiking COVID cases recently. I enjoy peeking at the Google COVID statistics on certain states, and NM did aa good job. Folks wear masks religiously outside (at least where...
  14. ramangain

    craigslist  ABQ, NM 2005 Lexus LX470

    2005 Lexus LX 470 (Toyota Land Cruiser) - cars & trucks - by owner -... No affiliation, but for those folks who aren't afraid to tackle a vehicle that may need some AHC rehab, this could be a steal. 197k miles, TB done supposedly done at 188k.
  15. ramangain

    My intro

    H Folks, I frequent the 100 tech forum and shared an interesting adventure on my move from OR to ABQ: 01 LX snap ring failure and field fix @Mauser took notice (and perhaps pity) and suggested I join the local "club". Here i am! Me: looking for work in area as my background is high power...
  16. ramangain

    Will it make it 950 miles?

    Towing from OR to NM, the DS snap ring broke and the end of the axle got chewed smooth. Am I stuck? NOPE I installed @TheForger axle pulling tool. Will I make it the last 950 miles without issue? We'll see!
  17. ramangain

    Greasing (or not) areas "past" locking nut

    Wrapping up a rain soaked front wheel bearing job, I have one general question. After filling the hub/spindle area with greasy goodness and setting preload properly, is any additional grease applied to the axle/hub flange/grease cap area? FSM says nothing. During disassembly, there was a...
  18. ramangain

    16+ "Sport package" extra appendages

    Folks, On the 16+, I may be one of the few who like the spidey front grill, but the front and rear lower valances have gotta go. Can they be successfully removed to reveal an unmolested, undrilled/untapped/untaped stock bumper behind it? IE, can the cancer be complety removed and the...
  19. ramangain

    Any other sources for "snap ring kits" besides CruiserOutfitters?

    I ask simply because the clock is ticking for me to get a front wheel bearing job done before I haul a heavy trailer on another long journey, and Cruiser Outfitters is "out of stock" on their snap ring kits. Are there any other comparable options besides getting the dealership to order them...
  20. ramangain

    Resolved - Rear door glass installation

    Folks, I'm not a fan of RTH for small things, but I'm in a pinch. It is raining outside, my rig is my only vehicle, I need to be somewhere local in 3 hours, and my rear passenger door glass is out and I can't beat the jigsaw puzzle to reinstall it. FWIW, I removed it to clean any and all gunk...
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