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  1. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    Not yet - but I will. And I'll share what I did...
  2. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    Lastly, I ordered a couple sheets of silicone to line the bottoms of the cup holders and the console. Very cheap on Amazon: Here are the 'after' pics of the completed console. You'll see that the paint is maybe a half shade lighter than the rest of the console...I'm fine with it: I'm...
  3. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    Time for an update. Been a couple busy months for Bertha, as we are getting her road-ready and cleaned up. Here's what we've done since the January update: I took her to her first spa day at ACC Garage, and had the following done: - New AC compressor and intake - Got all the door locks...
  4. jrs002

    FJ62 Console Top

    Looking for a little guidance: The top for my FJ62 console is super cruddy. The rest of my console if A-OK. I'm more than happy to clean/scrape/etc, but wanted to ask if there were any solutions I'm missing. Should I replace it? It's the brown color - in case anyone has one lying around...
  5. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    I thought I'd share an update. Lots of good stuff happening with the old girl. 1. Tailgate Lock: I fixed it. Took some elbow grease, a wire brush, and some WD40 but we are in business. 2. Exhaust: The previous owner's advice was to 'get the muffler looked at'. I found a GREAT shop near me...
  6. jrs002

    Our 60 named Bussy

    That is great! Really enjoyed all the pictures. Congrats on a great find!
  7. jrs002

    Atlanta-area door rust repairs?

    I’m actually looking for someone to do similar work on my FJ62 in the Atlanta area. Anyone have any body shop recommendations?
  8. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    Yeah, I figured. I’m going to have the rust taken care of in a month or so at a (very) reputable shop. Thanks for the look!
  9. jrs002

    New FJ62 Owner - Meet Bertha

    Hello Everyone! I've been perusing around here for some time, and finally feel like a part of the 'club'. Santa (my wife) bought me a sled for Christmas. She's a 1990 Land Cruiser FJ62 that we are lovingly naming Bertha. We've been on the hunt for an FJ60/62 for a long time, but wanted to...
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