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    Wanted  1977 FJ40 Head Light Switch

    My head light switch is fried and I'm looking for a new one. Having a hard time locating one. 1977 FJ40. If anyone has any leads let me know. Thanks!
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    All kinds of Electrical Issues

    I have a 77 FJ40...and this is a recent phenomenon. Went to take the Mrs. out for date night and noticed I didn't have any tail lights or license plate lights, only brake lights. A few days later thought I would take a look at it and now I have no dash lights either! I'm a really low level...
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    A little parts help

    My 77 is having some "steering difficulty" in that i have waaay too much slop in the steering. Took it to my local shop and they said the steering box is shot, however, he can't find one for a decent price. I can find a few rebuilds in the $350 range (buyautoparts). 3 questions from someone...
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    Wanted  1977 FJ40 rear jump seats

    Recently purchased a 77 but it has no rear jump seats. Looking for anyone selling a pair or a good if anyone knows a good place to buy them. Thanks!
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    Wanted  FJ40 Weekend Driver ~$8-$10k VA

    I'm looking to buy an FJ40 as a weekend/lake/cabin driver. I'm not looking for showroom quality and also not interested in rust buckets I have to do a full restoration on. Just looking for something enjoyable to drive on the nice weekends. I'm located in Central VA but willing to go a bit...
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