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  1. freds40

    FJ60 Steering box

    Late 85 FJ60 (forward swing) steering box rebuilt about 200 miles ago. Has been drilled and tapped for hydro assist. Includes Marlin Crawler Pitman arm for use with FJ80 TREs. $225 in Fresno
  2. freds40

    Bilsteins 2-14" 5125 and 2-10" 5150

    Like it says. They have about 500 miles on them and work great. $350 for all 4. Will ship on Buyer's dime. Located in Fresno
  3. freds40

    Fj60/62 Hydro Assist

    Like it says. I've got a FJ60 steering box drilled/tapped for assist w/ Marlin pitman arm. It was rebuilt and has about 200 miles on it. Comes with a PSC 1.75 bore 6.5" stroke ram and a GM P Pump with PSC External reservoir. $500 and I'll ship on the buyer's dime. Fresno, CA
  4. freds40

    2.5" FOA 10" travel Remote Res Coil Overs

    Like it says. I got these in a trade a while back and now I'm going a different direction on a different vehicle. Supposedly these were fressh back from a rebuild from FOA when I got them. Don't know the spring rates (the PO powdercoated them black) but he had them on the back end of a 3rd Gen...
  5. freds40

    For Sale  85 FJ60 Part out

    New project is here. Need this one gone. Looking to get started on something new. You can sort through this and see a bit of things. The running gear/Drivetrain is all gone. Pretty much down to the frame and cab...
  6. freds40

    Hume to Buck Rock

    I've heard many times that there is a trail out of Hume that goes up to Buck Rock. I'm at Hume a few times each summer but this will be my first with a dirt bike and I'd like to check this trail out. Anyone have some info as to where the trail picks up? I'm on a green sticker bike so asphalt is...
  7. freds40

    SM465 w/mini truck t-case adapter

    Ran this stuff for a bit in my FJ60 and it all worked fine. The 465 is setup to bolt up to a 3 speed bellhousing with the nose cone already modified. There is a shift handle that I used in my 60 that has the upper portion of the H42 handle welded to the lower portion of the SM465 handle. The...
  8. freds40

    For Sale  '97 Dodge Cummins truck

    I am putting my '97 Ram CTD up for sale/trade. It is a great truck and still in good shape, just don't need it any more and looking to down size. I am the second owner of the truck, the original owner being Joe Donnelly (Joseph Donnelly on TDR) The truck was the first diesel pickup to make 800...
  9. freds40

    TLCA  Marlin Crawler Roundup '09

    Anybody going to make it up for our shop run? Official MCR8 Registration Thread --- Sept. 11-13, 2009 If ya see me, pop by and say hey....I'll give ya a sticker or something. :lol:
  10. freds40

    More disc swap Questions

    Just did a disc swap using Monte Carlo Calipers along with an aftermarket Prop. valve and 2 lb. residual valve. I left the factory master, prop valve, and as far as I know there isn't a factory residual valve (85' 60). After bleeding the system (I probably pulled about 2 qts. through the system)...
  11. freds40

    Dusy Wagon run: Round 2

    Alright, I'm just about done with some mods and with some stuff coming up causing me to back out of Rubithon, I'm itching to get up to Dusy. The run last year had a TON of interest but in the end there was 3 local rigs that went and 1 wasn't even a wagon (nothing against ya Tommy :D ). Heck, I...
  12. freds40

    2" spacers

    Like it says. 2-2" wheel spacers. Just pulled them from my 60 and don't need them collecting dust on the shelf. $50 + shipping
  13. freds40

    Wierd Heater ?

    Since I've had my 60 up and running, the heater has worked like a charm along with the defroster and blower motor. A month or 2 back, I went wheeling and all of the sudden, the blower didn't work. I immediately looked for a fuse that might control the blower and couldn't find one. I've heard of...
  14. freds40

    Carb cooling fan always on?

    My fan is always on if I have the connection plugged in just under the fan. Any ideas on what could be up? I haven't dove into it yet but figured I'd see if there is a known issue.
  15. freds40

    DC Control/ Taurus fan

    Delta Control FK-35 model fan controller. Brand new, never installed. Also includes a 2 speed Taurus fan that I've tested and works fine. I'd like $150 plus shipping
  16. freds40

    31x10.5s w/ AL wheels

    Pulled these off my 85' FJ60. They have a lot of tread and appear to be in really good shape. I never ran them. Pulled them as soon as I got the truck. Also includes the factory spare. Tire looks like it was never used. Need em gone. $150 Pretty dirty but I think theres...
  17. freds40

    GM 1 Wire alternator

    I'm guessing the info is out there but I haven't gotten the right search words apparently. First question is on the pulley. I've heard the F-motor alt. pulley will bolt onto the GM alternator. Is this true? If so, is it a pretty small diameter so this thing will have decent output at low...
  18. freds40

    60 front bumper

    Off my '85. It's straight, the Chrome is in good shape, and the ends are in good shape. $100 delivered to SNT. I think this is the front, if not it's in as good of shape. BTW, the marks near the middle are just smudges.
  19. freds40

    Starting help

    Alright, I'm putting the motor back together on my 60. I have fuel, I have decent compression, and I have spark. The motor is @ TDC ( had BDC as it popped through the carb). The rotor is pointing @ #1. The vacuum lines have been replaced with Toyota stuff. Right now there is no exhaust past the...
  20. freds40

    Wanted  4.10 fine spline third

    Anyone have one? I need one in good shape for the back end of my 60.
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