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  1. elkun1

    The ship finally arrived

  2. elkun1

    So, we got this call---

    those of you who watch matt's offroad recovery on youtube have an idea where this is going, anyway we had been talking about doing the middle fork of the judith last weekend. had planned on camping saturday night and making it a leisure trip but as usual things change. I'm building a shed on...
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    fire closures

    just got a message hay canyon and little whitetail areas have been temporarily closed due to the state creek fire. depending on how monday goes could be lots more
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    Garlic Scapes

    For all you chef's out there I saw my first scape yesterday. Should start cranking after it warms back up. Price is right just you have to come and get them. If you don't know what they are, well look it up. If anyones interested let me know and i'll make sure there's enough ready. I think...
  5. elkun1

    We're about to lose access to the middle fork of the judith
  6. elkun1

    they should of had a toyota

    Jeep gets stuck trying to drive over U.S.-Mexico border fence - CNN
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    Merry Christmas to all you cruiser heads, pray all is well and am sure the little ones are already up. The roads are slick this morning so safe travels. Ron, Lori and Pete
  8. elkun1

    this one looks kinda interesting.

    1994 Toyota Pickup - Vehicles - Bozeman, Montana - Marketplace | Facebook Has been some deals lately in the area, a 40 in Butte and a 60 in Helena. This pu has been listed for awhile, I know nothing about it.
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    middle fork of the judith

    Ok everyone, I'm sorry I missed out on the cleanup this past weekend but Sam and I went on the judith trip with the rimrock 4x4 club out of billings. This is kinda a bucket list trip as there are 29 water crossings on the judith river. We had 18 vehicles and 2 atv's. Unbelievably everything...
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    9 pm on Friday night, where shall we go tomorrow

    Since it sounds like the 40's run is postponed is anyone interested in a ride ?. Haven't even thought about where to go, tommyguns suggested wickes tunnel, am open to any suggestions. Not many nice weekends left so hate to waste 1. Spur of the moment is the best! Ron
  11. elkun1

    80 bov

    Anyone look at the latest Recoil magazine? Quite an article about a fellow that made a bov out of an 80. Very, very nice. squeezed in a 5.9 cummins and went from there.
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    Wondering if anyone else is heading south to see it on monday. I'm thinking about heading towards the Dubois area. Looks like forest service rds will get me to grnd zero. As is normal I neglected to get a forest service map so i'm looking on the net to try and figure it out. Back in the...
  13. elkun1

    this would be a unique winter project

    18,900lbs approx. General Dynamics Fort Worth Division, Burnt/Crashed F16. (currently on a step deck semi-trailer, trail hope the link works, Ron
  14. elkun1

    Roll cage padding

    Need some ideas for 2" padding for my metal tech cage. Don't wear a helmet(at least not yet) so don't want the stuff that's as hard as the steel is. Just don't want to split my skull when i hop in the 40. Thanks, Ron
  15. elkun1

    attn. 80 and 100 series owners

    Just got my Thanksgiving sale email from Marlin Crawler. They have a Transfer Case Part Time Spool Kit on sale. Convert to lockout hubs to save fuel and wear and tear. Spool Locker | Marlin Crawler, Inc. Ron
  16. elkun1

    Radio Comms

    With the puker fest coming up i think we need to think about establishing a cb channel and a uhf channel that is monitered for the late arrivals and for those of us who wander some before gettin to where we're suppose to be. Not having used cb's for a while, not sure of a good channel(I'm...
  17. elkun1

    The POWER of a 2F!!

    Got bored last week and was wondering what a fresh 2f would produce at the wheels. Lots of excitement, first run up around 3000 rpm heard a boom and shop went white! Was gonna get the doors playing "the end". After getting some fans running and some giggles we went exploring, block heater...
  18. elkun1

    Family Reunion

    Finally got big brother and little brother together.
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    Wanted  rubber defroster guide 1969-1974

    I'm looking for 2 guides. toyota called them "guide defroster up" part number was 55955-60012 these fit in bottom of windshield frame and direct defroster air to windshield. 2 would be great but 1 would be almost as great to find. these were used from 1969-1974. thanks, Ron
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