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  1. Sharp38

    For Sale  SW Colorado 1965 Moab Ready FJ 40

    I built this cruiser for my personal use when I started and operated Wolf Creek Rod Works in Pagosa Springs. I sold the company some years back and it has since gone out of business. I used this Cruiser annually at Cruise Moab for fun and business. I just don't use it enough anymore to...
  2. Sharp38

    For Sale  Beadlocks

    Five MRW-15-161510ED Beadlocks. 2.5in BS offset. 15 in by 10 in wide. Low miles, great shape. New $1,350. $1,100 plus Freight.
  3. Sharp38

    MAF Tire Carrier License Plate

    I never really liked the look of the license plate on the back of the cooler carrier on the MAF 1045 tire carrier. Installing one on my 65 FJ40 over the weekend convinced me that I wanted to do something different. Fabricated a license plate bracket out of 18 ga sheetmetal leaving space at the...
  4. Sharp38

    Replacement early wiper motor

    Got these motors from Speedway motors. Part number 91123502 in stainless. They come in black as well. Price about $50 each for stainless. Absolute bolt in for the early windshield frame. I haven't wired yet, but believe the wiring will be the same as the OEM units. Don
  5. Sharp38

    Wanted  Windshield Latches

    Looking for a pair of the upper latches for early FJ40 W/S. I have the lower portions, but need two of the upper hooks. Don
  6. Sharp38

    Wanted  Mid sixties FJ40 Light Switch

    Looking for Light switch/wiper switch from early FJ40's. Photo attached. Don
  7. Sharp38

    Wanted  Dash Indicator Lights

    Looking for the early dash indicator lights from the mid sixties FJ40s. Chrome ring with green/red glass. Need the whole fixture, if possible, including the bulb holder in the back Don
  8. Sharp38

    Wanted  Switches

    I am looking for early (mid-sixties) switches for ignition (with a key), lights and wipers. I also need a couple of good turn signal lights for that same period. Any luck? Don
  9. Sharp38

    Wanted  OEM Soft Door Handles

    How about a set of OEM soft door handles, left and right, inside and out with all the fittings. Don
  10. Sharp38

    Wanted  FJ45 Corner Glass

    Probably a wild goose chase, but does anyone have the two curved orner glasses for FJ45 pickup Don
  11. Sharp38

    OEM Soft Door Handles

    I posted this question in another thread, but it may be too deep. I am installing OEM Soft doors on my personal 1965 FJ40. The handles I have look different than what I can make out in other distant photos. I have keyed lockable handles and the inside looks a bit homebrew. I was hoping...
  12. Sharp38

    Wanted  Full length lower dash pad

    Sometime in early 70's some FJ 40's had a full length lower dash pad on the passenger side. This dash pad covered the "radio" hole that was in most vehicles. It went from the passenger door to the steering column. I would like to find one of these full length pads that is usable. Don
  13. Sharp38

    Remote CB Unit

    Any comments or recommendations on the Cobra 75WXST remote CB unit for use in a 40... Don
  14. Sharp38

    Wanted  1982 fj40 headlight buckets

    Need a set of headlight buckets, complete, for 82 period FJ40 Don
  15. Sharp38

    Wanted  1982 front bib-Early rear license bracket

    Need front bib for 82 series FJ40. Preferably complete with screen, headlight bezel and headlight fixtures. Also, need a rear license plate bracket from earlier FJ40 with the single light over the middle. Don
  16. Sharp38

    Wanted  Half Rear Barn Doors

    Looking for a nice set of half rear barn doors. Don
  17. Sharp38

    Wanted  Thermostat Housing

    I am looking for both the upper and lower portion of a thermostat housing for 82 generation 2F engine. Four bolts around the thermostat. Don
  18. Sharp38

    Wanted  Early Windshield Frame

    Looking for a early windshield frame, complete with vent mechanism, latches, defroster vents and deflectors. Don't need the glass. Vintage 1965 plus or minus. Don
  19. Sharp38

    Wanted  Early Transmission Cover

    Looking for a decent transmission cover for 1965 generation FJ40. Don
  20. Sharp38

    Wanted  Aisin Hubs

    Need a pair of good Aisin hubs for 81 FJ 40. Don
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