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    craigslist  Venice, CA: 1986 FJ60, Restored, Not mine

    Not mine, but looks sweet!
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    SOLD  San Diego: 1993 Triple Locked Stock California Landcruiser

    No rust. 232k miles. A bit rough around the edges I bought this truck recently with the intentions of swapping the axles into a different truck I was going to buy, but that sale fell through. So… here we are. The great: All lockers engage properly as does the Hi / Lo lever The previous owner...
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    For Sale  2001 LandCruiser, Well maintained, 196k, Nav, Seats 7, heated seats, San Diego

    SOLD! 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser with low miles for the year: 196k miles. Silver / Champagne exterior with tan leather interior. Automatic transmission. Loaded with traction control, heated power seats, roof rack, upgraded radio with navigation, backup camera, Bluetooth, CD player. Stock...
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    2001 LC ABS Shrieking. Any thoughts

    Hi Folks, I have 3 LandCruisers here in SD. It's a sickness, I know! I posted the following over in the 100-series forum, but was wondering if any of you have had the following issue, and what the fix was. It's hard to imagine that I have to replace the entire assembly at $2100 as this seems...
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    For Sale  1991 HDJ-81 VX Limited 3x Locked, Armored, San Diego, 147k

    Sold... 1991 HDJ-81 VX Limited Toyota LandCruiser 147,000 miles, 20 - 25 mpg, Diesel, Starts right up and drives great. Dark Grey Metallic exterior with black matte hood appliqué, Grey-blue interior cloth in great shape. RHD, automatic. With the automatic transmission, the right hand drive is...
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    craigslist  1991 HDJ81 VX Ltd, 3x Locked, Armor, 147k, AZ title, Located in San Diego

    Hello Folks, I have my HDJ81 for sale on Craigslist. Titled in AZ but located in San Diego 1991 HDJ81 Diesel 80-series LandCruiser, Lockers, Armor, 147k, 20+mpg I need to go from 6 vehicles down to 3 due to parking issues mainly. I can deliver it in the lower 48 with a negotiated deposit. It...
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    For Sale  1980 HJ45 in San Diego LH Drive, PS PB

    Titled in California as a diesel. I bought this a few years ago and have put a good amount of work into it, but I haven’t quite finished it up 100%. The truck is located in San Diego. My new quarters does not have parking available for it. It has been garaged since I have owned it. It is still...
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    New power steering pump issue

    Hello, I just bought a new FJ40 power steering pump (Factory Toyota), and it seems to take a lot of torque to get it to move. With the pulley off, I cannot turn the shaft by hand at all. The old pump spins easily by hand, but that pump is not working. It will move with the pulley on, but it will...
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    Wanted  FJ40 Parking Brake Drum

    Hi, I'm looking for a parking brake drum with a good sealing surface for what I think is for '74-'80 transfer cases. The stud pattern is 60mm x 68mm with 11mm studs. Many thanks, Chuck
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    BJ40 4-Speed Clutch Fork Boot Installs from inside bell housing?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the boot for the clutch fork installs from the inside of the bell housing, or if can be pushed in from the outside? It's unclear from the picture of the boot itself that I have on order. It's for a 1980 BJ40 4-speed. Many thanks in advance, Chuck
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    Wanted  16x7 Steelies and 4-sp tranny during my San Diego to Austin Road Trip

    Hello Folks, A long shot here, but I am headed on a road trip next week from San Diego to Austin and back. It would be cool to pick up 4 or 5 16x7 matching steel wheels that fit an FJ40 with disk brakes (welded) on the way back around Dec. 7. Also, I'm looking for a 4-speed tranny in good...
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    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 Locked, Stock, 188k, San Diego

    Hello Mudders, SOLD! I have a '94 stock TLC for sale, faded green with faded grey leather interior... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or something like that. 188k miles on the clock. I bought this from a fellow Mudder earlier this year. It's that same ol' story. I had grand visions of...
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    Wanted  80 Series DS Tail Light, Sunroof Glass, Steering Clamshell

    Hello, I have all of these items squared away now. Thanks MUD!
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    For Sale  1995 FZJ80, Locked, 187k, San Diego

    Sold. 1996 Title is wrong! 80-Series, Factory Locked, head gasket and PHH done at 175k miles with a ScanGauge mounted in dash. New power steering pump from CDan. Built in CB with dual CB/radio antenna (see pics). Birfs look good. All electrics, sun roof, lockers, lights, etc work. A/C does not...
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    craigslist  '71 FJ40 in Phoenix. $2100. Not affiliated

    Just passing on the info... I wish I had the space... Sweet... 1971 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    FJ62 Shifter Assembly, Cover, transfer case shifter and boots in VA

    I have the following parts for sale in Gloucester, VA 23061 all from a 1989 FJ62 with 223,000 miles when removed. All prices OBO and don't include shipping: Automatic Transmission Shifter Assembly with wiring harness, gear selector, trim piece, rubber gasket, and new blue bushings: $50...
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    craigslist  NICE Piggy 1974 FJ55 w/ AC in Williamsburg, VA

    Not mine, but that thing looks beautiful 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
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    80-Series Knuckle Rebuild Kit with Tapered Bearings in Virginia

    SOLD! I've got an 80-Series Knuckle rebuild kit from the Dealer including the tapered bearings. It's all New In the Box with original bags / boxes. It's a complete kit and has the following parts: (2) 90310-35010 Seals (2) 12157-10010 Gaskets (2) 90311-62001 Seals (2) 90215-42025...
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    FJ 40 / 45 / 55 Service Manuals - 2F and Chassis & Body

    SOLD!! I have a set of Toyota Service Manuals (2F and Chassis & Body) printed in 1988. The cover of the Chassis & Body is a little wrinkled, but the inside pages of both contain no grease, oil, etc. $65 plus shipping I'm located in Gloucester, VA 23061 PM me or call Chuck @...
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    12H-T starter in a 2H?

    Hello, Will a 12H-T starter work in a 2H? Thanks, Chuck
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