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  1. todt

    Wanted  FD knob for 69 fj40

    Looking for just the knob any condition is fine. Like this one , thanks.
  2. todt

    Wanted  Looking for a headache rack

    Crazier things have happened, I'm looking for a headache for my 45. Thanks
  3. todt

    Wanted  early fenders

    Looking for some early fenders for 65 that I'm not letting get the best of me. Would like to just blast and paint. Already had my share of re-repairs. Thanks
  4. todt

    Wanted  front 3:70 gear florida

    Looking for 3:70 gear kinda close to panhandle Fl would be nice. I guess axle with disc brakes would be nice too. Thanks
  5. todt

    Axle housing bent does it matter?

    I was about to put back together when I noticed this looked tweaked a little. I have another axle I can use but would need to be removed from parts rig broke down and cleaned etc. Seemed like there should be enough room for adjustment with knuckle to correct but figured I would get a second (or...
  6. todt

    Is this axle stock?

    Rebuilding axle I pulled off parts 79fj40 truck just curious if this is stock or if grinding was to make birf fit?
  7. todt

    WTB clamp for under seat bottle jack

    Looking for bottle jack clamp for 65swb. Actually need jack too but I have a few that may fit. Thanks
  8. todt

    Wanted  40 tailgate

    Anyone got a decent tailgate you want to let go. I'm in FL. Need some other stuff but one thing at a time. Thanks
  9. todt

    Wanted  early bib w/markers and steering wheel

    Looking for an early bib with the markers on front and a decent steering wheel for my 69 fj40. I have a 76 wheel but would like to find one that goes with it. Thanks
  10. todt

    my 82 POS turd polishing. future 532 DD runner.

    Got this 40 at the end of 07 or 08. I was looking for something in need of a little work and I would make it a DD/runner. Runs good drives good and pretty complete 40. The only real issue is that it was wrecked and I was never told about that. Anyway I have moved on to doing what I have to do...
  11. todt

    Removing dash metal looking for tips.

    I've got an 82 that i would like to just take the damaged dash out and replace with straight one from parts 79. wondering if anyone has any tips on this. I have located some of the spot welds and both ends are welded. just curious if someone might have anything to offer besides search which I...
  12. todt

    Wanted  82fj40 frame

    I'm looking for a good frame for my 82fj40. I need to start putting back together and my frame issues are holding me up. Thanks
  13. todt

    get frame fixed now or later?

    Got my 40 down to the frame and need or want to get the frame straightened. I had no issues with doors etc fitting but the front pass. is aprox 1" above drivers side and pushed in alittle. Have called and spoke to a few locals and seem to get different solutions. Should I get frame staightened...
  14. todt

    Wanted  82FJ40 tranny hump/cover & 69 door limiters

    Yes tranny cover for my 82FJ40 and Limiters for my 69 before I hit Ebay etc. Thanks
  15. todt

    used Besttop for sale

    Came with my cruiser when I bought it a few years back and has served its purpose. Have recently purchased OEM repro so no longer need. This may not be the place to sell as I know theres not a whole lot of love for these but it worked for me until I could get what I wanted. Figured I would give...
  16. todt

    Wanted  69fj40 door limiters and 82 fj40 steering wheel

    Looking for a few more pieces like the title says. I need a set of door limiters for my 69 and a year correct steeeing wheel for my 82. Thanks, Todd
  17. todt

    Wanted  Need 82fj40 jumpseat kickstand/leg

    Missing the fold down leg off one of my jumpseats . Seat and frame are in great shape just need the leg. Thanks
  18. todt

    82 dome light 1 or 2 ?

    82fj40 supposed to have or did they have a interior light on each side (above door) ? Never thought much of them but have'nt noticed others with two. Does'nt bother me I like having two just curious.
  19. todt

    Por 15 on steelies?

    Any reason why not to . I've sandblasted but rims not that great of shape quit a bit of rust. Just figure this would be almost perfect . I've just not heard of any one using Por-15 on steelies. Thanks
  20. todt

    panhandle Fl. to Orlando

    I'm heading over to clearwater for some diving and making my way down to Orlando to pick up some seats. I have my install truckes all over from crestview to pensacola , Dothan and Tallahassee. Anyone need to ship that way I'm willing to help. Probably should have given more of a notice , sorry...
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