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  1. njccmd2002

    Need the rear panhard rod torque specs.

    So im in the middle of doing airbag instalation on a 2013 cruiser. And im ready to torque the bolts and nuts so far ive found that the following require Wheel 97 ft lbs rear Sway nut connected to KDSS 74 ft lbs rear Shocks 72 ft lbs Rear sway bar small nuts 22 ft lbs For the life i...
  2. njccmd2002

    delete post please

    delete please
  3. njccmd2002

    2013 Bouncy rear suspension after towing

    Hi guys, second time this happens, first time after I towed with the 200, the rear suspension fell bumpy, and I decided to change the rear shocks. I felt like the shocks had blown, and the feeling went away with new shocks. At that time the car had approx. 95K miles and I felt it was time to...
  4. njccmd2002

    Wanted  1981 fj40 dust shields or covers front axle.

    need the pair of dust shields, covers, or backing plates. (so many names) its for an 1981 fj40, but ive been told an fj60 could fit. located in jackson tn 38305. thanks, paypal ready
  5. njccmd2002

    71 frame vs 81 frame fj40

    ive been reading some, but there are so many opinions everywhere. whats the main frame differences. I have a complete parts car that is an 81 i believe. Its rot. it drives, and runs. I want to use the entire drive train into my 71 frame. since the 81 frame and tub and all is rot. Is...
  6. njccmd2002

    2013 Cruiser, amplifier problems. Any compatible amps out there?

    ive been dealing with amplifier problems, the amp in question 86280-0wa30. I know how jbl works, and apparently the 86280-0wa30 is only on the 2010-2013. Not even the same as the same year Lexus. Finding a used one has proven difficult in the USA, plenty in russia, but its kinda difficult...
  7. njccmd2002

    2013 lc200 Stinky odor, on 5/8/19 found the smell, What caused it is the Question?

    So i have checked and even removed the floor mats, and cleaned them used a special spray to remove odors into the body carpet. I have inspected the cooler box, and its clean. the a/c does not stink when it blows. during this winter we had some days with high humidity, and thats when we...
  8. njccmd2002

    Wanted  4 speed transmission jackson TN

    looking for a 4 speed transmission, not in a rush, would prefer within a driving range from where i live. I have a 3 speed, but i have a 2F engine, from a later rig. Going into a 74. I would love something that will drop in easily.
  9. njccmd2002

    who keeps the title?

    i have two fj40 1971 and 1974. The 71 has the better frame. The 74 has the better tub. 1971 tub has a oem like vin sticker and a riveted plate that says bureau of automotive repair and shows a vin number (on the diver door side) 1974 has the vin plate riveted like most toyotas (on the...
  10. njccmd2002

    lifespan of the lc200

    when is the end of the series, i know toyota facelifted for 2018, i want to upgrade mine, but i dont want the last year of the 2018 and then new series debuts the next year....
  11. njccmd2002

    in the memphis area, west tn

    does Anybody know where I can take a frame to be dipped to remove the rust. willing to travel a few miles...
  12. njccmd2002

    frame rust removal in nooks and crannies...

    blasting, dry or wet. Aside of dipping the frame in acid bath, how are you guys getting the rust behind those frame sections that are covered. Specifically the frame of an fj40, is it ok to remove the rivets of the inner frame pieces and them weld them together after blasting? it would make...
  13. njccmd2002

    1971 Fj40(gone) / 1974 FJ40 Build , Jackson Tn.

    Hi wanted to introduce myself, I just rescued a vehicle from a salvage yard. Guy was very nice, the yard was local to me. I was supposed to see a corona, and got this fj. Alwasy wanted one, but the prices went so high lately, i doubted i was ever going to own one. For shell, xxxxxxx$ was a...
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