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  1. plink01

    BJ42 4WD light

    Hey guys i have an Australian 1982 BJ42 and it doesn't come with the 4WD light on the dash. It's got Park Brake, Brake and Filter as you can see in the photo. I'd love to add a 4wd light but i'm not sure where to begin. Its got a H41 transmission, non vacuum transfer case. Years before and...
  2. plink01

    power steering pulley removal

    Hey guys im in the process of cleaning the engine bay and I've taken my power steering pump off for a clean and a paint. But I can't get the bloody pulley off!! I've got the nut off no dramas but I'm wondering if there is a trick to get the pulley off that isn't wailing on it with a hammer...
  3. plink01

    City Racer seal quality

    Hey guys I'm about to put an order in for some bits from City Racer and was thinking while I'm at it I might buy some door and window seals. Can anyone vouch for the quality of them?? They're not OEM and I know there are OEM seals still about but the prices are pretty wild for some bits of...
  4. plink01

    40 Series Headunits/Speaker Thread

    Hey guys I'm looking to put an original headunit and speakers back into my 1982 bj42. Most topics on the forum have been done to death but I cant find any real definitive thread on both the headunits and the speakers. Can you guys please post pictures of your oem headunit and speakers and the...
  5. plink01

    Wanted  1982 FJ40/BJ42 Radio Mounting Brackets

    Hey guys im after the mounting brackets for this radio if anyone has any or knows where i could find some. I actually don't have the radio yet either, but i have a lead on one but it doesn't come with the brackets. If you have both radio and brackets i would be pretty keen! Thanks!
  6. plink01

    OEM radiator, how to tell??

    Hey guys I'm about to replace/freshen up my cooling system. Is there any markings or ways to tell if I have an OEM radiator?? If it's not I'll just buy a new one but if it's the Toyota radiator I'll take it to a radiator shop and see if they will recore it. I have a 1982 BJ42. Thanks!
  7. plink01

    Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

    Hey just wanted to see what you guys think. I'm doing a complete front end overhaul on my 1982 BJ42 and my master cylinder is looking a bit tired. The plastic has lots of little cracks in it and probably only has a few more years left in it. I'm planning on driving this car pretty hard so I...
  8. plink01

    Gasket or Gasket + sealant??

    Hey guys just wondering on what your thoughts are on gasket sealants. I always use OEM gaskets when available and that's it. But watching a lot of YouTube videos I'm noticing a lot of people are also putting sealant on as well. What are you guys thoughts on that?? The FSM doesn't mention...
  9. plink01

    Axle Shaft Wear

    Hey guys I'm current stripping down and replacing the rear wheel bearings in my 1982 bj42 with a full floating axle. I pulled the axles and I'm thinking they have maybe too much wear on the shafts. I just wanted to know what you guys thought before I blow $500 on new axle's. It's very...
  10. plink01

    40 series hood latches

    Hey guys when I bought my bj42 the hood latches were rusted to s*** and missing the rubber bits. I bought some cheap chinese ones and in 3 months they dont look much better than the ones I took off. There are Genuine Toyota Ebay for about $100 Aus ($66 US). My question is are the genuine ones...
  11. plink01

    long vs short locking hubs.

    Hey guys I know this has been covered a bit but I just want to make sure before I blow $400 on new hubs. I have an 1982 bj42 and it appears to me I currently have the long Warn hubs. I want to put a set of Aisin ones on when I overhaul the front diff. Being an 82' I should have the short...
  12. plink01

    Builds  'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    Hey guys I thought I'd make a build thread for my new 40. Mainly so I can ask stupid questions and keep a bit of history. I bought this off an old guy who wasn't in the best shape. He had just had a triple bypass and was a bit over his head with his cars. He had three 40 series all in various...
  13. plink01

    landcruiser song

    Sorry I have no idea where to post this. You can move it or delete it or whatever you like, just thought you guys would appreciate this! It's some Australian guy it's pretty awesome!
  14. plink01

    How badly have i F&£%€D up??

    Hey im the worlds biggest moron and i stuffed up hitting my new spindle bushing into the spindle. For some reason i squeezed it too tight with the vice and while hitting the bushing it has put a small indentation on the surface. I sanded it back and its much better but its still deep enough to...
  15. plink01

    80 series spindle bush failure

    Hey guys a month or so ago i gave the whole front end a birthday and replaced both axles, cv's, rebuilt swivel housing, wheel bearings and spindle bushings. All seemed well but on my last 4x4 trip it started making a horrible grinding noise from what sounded like the front pasenger wheel. It...
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