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  1. mookamatook

    Used 1991 80 220k Buying advice

    I have a chance to pick up a 1991 LC that is in pretty good shape. New rear drum brakes, new shocks, refurb'd wheels, diff fluids flushed, looks fairly clean underneath. The bad, both cats have been cut out and replaced with pipe. Back window wiper has been removed as the motor went out. Slight...
  2. mookamatook

    M416 Camper Build Advice

    Hey fellow mudders. I have a new project that I would love some help with. I found a local M416 trailer that I'm going to pick up tomorrow. It's in near mint shape, has tailgate intact, shorter pintle/lunette hitch, 12pin connector, lights work, side indicator is included, original wheels/tires...
  3. mookamatook

    The do it all cargo box that can be removed in 3 mins

    I'm thinking this could be a great area to innovate. There are trailers, there are roof top tents, there are roof top racks, there are storage systems etc. There isn't really an all in one solution that can store gear, store gas, store a shovel, have max trax mounted, etc. What if there was a...
  4. mookamatook

    Calling all lighting wizards!

    I need to do the following and am hoping someone has done similar on a 100 series and can help me out. I’m not very electrically inclined so I may ask some stupid questions... the truck is a 2001 fzj100. I want to wire my aux driving lights to my high beams and have a single pole double throw...
  5. mookamatook

    2001 LC 100 Series Used 215k Advice

    Hey all, First time posting, long time lurker. Hope I can contribute something to this awesome forum at some point in the near future. I'm a proud owner of a 1997 Toyota 4runner 3rd gen. I've put nice 5100 bilstein adjustable shocks all around, nice duratrac wrangler 265/75/16 tires on the...
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