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    Edit: FJ62 Stolen in Portland, OR - FOUND!

    Hey all, just walked out the door to go to work and had the sinking feeling when I saw the empty parking spot where my rig had been last night. It's a gray 1990 FJ62 (blue interior) with custom front and rear bumpers and rear tire carrier, OME lift on 31" rubber, and h55 conversion. License...
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    Wanted  3fe Idle Air Control Valve

    Looking for a decent shape (functional) idle air control valve for an FJ62, but can also come from an FJ80 with 3FE motor (pre 93). I’m in Portland, OR
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    Wanted  85-87 fj60 transmission crossmember

    Trying to finish gathering up parts to wrap up my h55f/fj62 conversion. I'm looking for a crossmember from a late fj60. Thanks, Jason
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    Drive shaft lengths, an FJ62, and H55 or beating a dead horse?

    I've been scouring the interwebs and the bowels of the MUD forums for any definitive info about this and I'm coming up empty handed. I believe we've got the same setup (or will soon enough!:clap:) FJ62, 3fe efi, 3f bell housing, h55 trans, stock vac transfer case. One exception, I'm on a 3" OME...
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    Wanted  FJ60 parts for FJ62 5 speed conversion

    Need a couple parts to finish out my list for the H55 conversion in my 1990 FJ62: -3F bellousing lower cover -5 speed shifter boot and retainer -Trans tunnel plate I'm in Portland, OR
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    Wanted  Another H55 into FJ62 swap

    Hey guys, new to mud here but have been following the site ever since I picked up my cruiser back in 2013. At 323k, the old a440 is finally starting to give up the ghost. So I wandered over to Broadway Toyota in Portland this morning and pulled the trigger on an h55 - I should be picking it up...
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