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    FJ60- MOLLE panel Rear Back Window (Glass removed)

    Did you ever get this done? Would love to see some pictures.
  2. J

    Shocks, OME vs Fox

    Do the Bilsteins marry to the OME?
  3. J

    Shocks, OME vs Fox

    Looking for advice on the best riding shocks for a FJ62?? No real hard off-roading is going to be done, just want the smoothest riding least stiffness. I currently have OME on a 2.5” lift. I’ve been considering the Fox 2.0, but wanted to hear out any fellow mud members with past experience. Thanks
  4. J

    CCOT Molded Aussie Carpet Kit FJ62

    Hey all, has anyone used this molded kit from CCOT? Just wondering if the advertised molded fit is as advertised. I know there are tons of carpet kit threads, just wanted a first hand perspective from someone who has used this kit. Thanks
  5. J

    17" wheel back spacing

    Your exactly right. Luckily I have a tire guy who suggested this is what I do and already has it coming. It's a nice looking wheel that looks close to the original Steelies, so I'm hopeful it will fit. I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  6. J

    17" wheel back spacing

    I want to put a 17' wheel on my 1990 FJ62, but having a hard time finding any information on what the best backspacing is. The rim I like is 4.75" back spacing. Does anyone have any experience or insight if this will work or any unforeseen issues? I want to put a 255/80R17 on this wheel. Thanks!
  7. J

    255/80R17 FJ62

    Has anyone ever run this size on a FJ62? Just wondering if there were any issues to consider?
  8. J

    FJ60 sound proofing and carpet install

    Ed, did you put the MLV facing the out side door skin or put it towards the inside of the cab? I’m about to this, glad I saw your post. Nice Work!!
  9. J

    Sound Damping the Doors

    OK, thats what I was thinking...again, not in the know here on noise spectrums so some of your terminology loses me...MLV?, de-coupling? I'll stick to the 25% coverage rule with the stick-on stuff on the body metal. My goal is to strip off the factory plastic vapor barrier and black goo. I...
  10. J

    VW Touereg seats in my 60, Almost!

    What wires were the ones to isolate? I'm looking at doing the same seats. Thanks
  11. J

    Brake Conversion

    Excuse my ignorance, so do you have to change out the axel in order to modernize your brakes. Or was that just the route you went? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.
  12. J

    Brake Conversion

    Dude! This as extremely helpful. Thanks
  13. J

    Brake Conversion

    What's the best brake conversion kit to use on a 1990 FJ62? Just wondering what everyone is having success with. Thanks JB
  14. J

    BMW Seat Upgrade

    Does anyone have any insight in to installing BMW Series 3 seats into a FJ62? Is it plug and play, or does some fabrication need to happen? Cheers
  15. J

    LED lights

    Yeah. I looked at going that route. I already have the required wiring looms installed. Just thought LED would look cool. Thanks
  16. J

    LED lights

    Has anyone used these LED lights or have recommendations for LED upgrades. I have the Moo2 &moo4 wiring harness upgrades. Is it really as easy as plug and play...
  17. J

    Differential Gear Ratio Vs. Tire size

    I have a stock 1990 FJ62 I think the differential gear ratio is 4:11? It also has a 2” lift. Would I be fine to run a 32” or even a 33” Tire with out any noticeable differences. Thanks I appreciate the experience on this forum.
  18. J

    FJ 62 Mirror Shake

    Nice! Thanks. I was thinking about doing that with a shim. A nerf ball would work way better.
  19. J

    FJ62 Master Switch

    I think your right. I can feel it jump when I put my hand on it and it unlocks it fine. Just won’t pull it down to lock. Thanks
  20. J

    FJ62 Master Switch

    I Have a 1990 FJ62. The door lock button lols and unlocks everything but one rear door. Is this a problem in the master switch or the individual door it won’t unlock? Thanks
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