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  1. dsmud4u

    Wobbly, not that kind.

    Can someone tell me what keeps the mirror arm locked in the center position and if it’s an easy fix? I’m driving about and it started flopping around
  2. dsmud4u

    SOLD  SoCal: 71 FJ 40 drivers door window

    Title sums it up. Will travel anywhere in Cali to pick up.
  3. dsmud4u

    SOLD  SOCAL: Yakima Hi-Lift And Shovel Mount

    Had these for years on my Yakima Load Warrior but now have a full length rack. Used but all hardware is present. $75.00 plus shipping.
  4. dsmud4u

    Find that leak...

    Good evening fellas, the rainy season has started and I walked out to the 80 to see that the drivers floorboard carpet was wet (flat portion). What are the usual suspects to look for? Is there a drain somewhere that is likely clogged?
  5. dsmud4u

    $ for someone to rebuild my charcoal canister.

    I know this is somewhat of easy task however I personally can’t to this at the moment (army) and I don’t care for the vc120 fitment. Throwing this out there if anyone would like to rebuild my OEM charcoal canister or know someone reputable.
  6. dsmud4u

    Progressive vs. Linear springs

    Hey fellas, I wanted to know what your thoughts were as a consensus of progressive rate springs. I have the Icon 3” lift but when loaded down it might only be an 1 1/2” in some cases. Therefor I’ve compensated, (insert joke here) with some helper airbags. I now consider moving to a Dobinsons...
  7. dsmud4u

    Sway bar pre-load

    How’s it going fellas! I have a question on sway bar preload. I have @LandCruiserPhil end-link and a Super Pro rear sway bar. I’m also about a 4” lift. Is there a general rule to follow when setting the preload of the sway bar? Should it remain perpendicular to the truck? The end-links are...
  8. dsmud4u

    Trade  Chico/ Fontana CA: Delta VS 4" radius arms trade for the 6" lift versions

    As the title suggest, I'd like to trade for a set of 6" versions for the extra caster. I've had this pair for a bout a year now and about 15k miles with new OEM bushings. Feel free to call or test at: 562 454 6712 Saul
  9. dsmud4u

    Steering gear box life expectancy?

    I’m aware that I’mleaking power steering fluid but couldn’t determine where it’s coming from. It looks like it’s coming from the gearbox. With a truck that’s has over 310k, is now is now a good time to go through the whole system, including the gearbox and what’s the likelihood that’s the...
  10. dsmud4u

    For Sale  Fontana Ca: 80 series OEM LCA’s

    In good shape, not bent. Bushings are...meh Will ship. $25 plus the ride.
  11. dsmud4u

    Going rate for an 40 not running and needs work

    Hi guys, I came across a 40 that needs some work. Appears to be non running, does not have a hard top or not even sure if it has a motor or trans. The upshot is it looks to have minimal rust initially but I’ll check it out this weekend and find out. The question is, what’s the going...
  12. dsmud4u

    62s MAF rebuild or replace

    So a co-worker took apart his MAF on his 62 and now needs to have it repaired. Is it best to have the OEM unit repaired and by who or have it replaced with a new unit, OEM or descent aftermarket unit? EDIT: better yet, how often do these go out? Should he just buy a used unit?
  13. dsmud4u

    Windshield replacement

    I’d like to get my heavily pitted windshield replaced. I was wondering who you guys recommend in the Bay Area. I read briefly from a thread back in 2007 to ensure the windshield is not a PPG unit due to manufacturing issues and they were known to leak, thus damaging some ECUs. I could go down...
  14. dsmud4u

    For Sale  Sold Fontana Ca: FJ60 chassis (late 85)

    Chassis is ready to go. I’ve never looked to much into the trucks prior history but I’ve had it in California for the last 12-13 years. The truck has sustained no damage to the chassis since I’ve purchased and likely doesn’t appear to have been in any major accidents either. Sold Can deliver...
  15. dsmud4u

    For Sale  Sold California: FJ60 rear axle with 4.56 gears and ARB air locker

    That’s right folks, parting put a few things at a time. Late 85’ FJ60 rear axle for sale. Locker and gears were put in about 7-8 years ago. Locker still engaged before I parked the truck a year and half ago. I can apply air and check it as soon as I get back home in a month. It’s still...
  16. dsmud4u

    MUDShip  Chico Ca to Portland and back. 7/17-7-19

    Picking up a few things for a mudder already but let me know if there is anything else you guys might need done. Will head back to SoCal by following weekend. Leaving tomorrow by noon-ish with out the trailer as of now.
  17. dsmud4u

    Best period correct air cooled seats

    What’s up fellas! I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the best period correct seats are for a 60. Someone might say the originals are and I would agree however I’m looking for comfort and the originals have something left to be desired. I’m looking for more comfort and for them to be...
  18. dsmud4u

    SOLD  Sold Fontana/San Jose Ca Scepter fuel cans (used)

    If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. Get your genuine previously loved GI Scepter fuel cans I have four of these for sale. All used for diesel at one time. They would still require Viton seals for the use of gasoline. EDIT: SOLD Will ship but prefer local sale. I’m currently in San...
  19. dsmud4u

    Wanted  San Jose/Fontana 80 series third brake light

    I can pick up some where along my drive this weekend. To be specific, I need a third brake light for 97’. It does not have to look pretty but the lens and all LEDs should be working. No cracks in the red lens please. Yes, my third brake light is the one that actually went out. I’m sure it’s a...
  20. dsmud4u

    Current shop to replace/rebuild diffs in Bay Area.

    Disclaimer: I called Valley Hybrids but they are very much about a month out to get some work performed. With that in mind I need to purchase some parts. The rebuild kits will be Timken and Koyo but I want a ring and pinion that isn’t Chinese. I don’t mind some off-shore stuff but let me know...
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