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  1. justbecause

    FAQ request LC model tree

    For the US market there are several variations of this image. I'm looking for a variation showing the HD and light duty 70 series. Does such a thing exist? specifically I want to find a complete list of 4 cyl diesel, 4 door, cruisers
  2. justbecause

    Big Tree Wildfire.

    "Big Tree Wildfire" in Sipsey Wilderness of Bankhead National Forest grows to 637 acres
  3. justbecause

    Help Hagan Secrete facebook group.

    This link may or may not work without a facebook account. Last balance update before turning it over to Eric.
  4. justbecause

    eBay  1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 I checked, I dont see anyone else that posted this rig. I love the patina on this rig, I dont think I would change...
  5. justbecause

    ABQ craiglist trailer

    while doing my usual 40 search, I found this trailer. I emailed the owner. He said he does custom trailer builds. I thought his price was good, but I want to know if anyone can comment on the build quality. He said he would do a...
  6. justbecause

    For Sale  64 4 door belair. and 78 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9

    These are my Fiance's vehicles. They are in Southern Il at her mothers home. The benz was a DD until 6 years ago. It has a 6.9 V8. auto-level suspension still works. It has been parked, but with a good battery and gas will start and run. I have driven it around the yard, but not the street, no...
  7. justbecause

    94 80 in Alabama. <-- updated link 1/3/14 This is my truck I bought from zukinut a few years ago, it has been 100% dependable. mud price $4000 In the last 10k miles I have driven to southern IL and South Carolina, I would trust this truck to drive...
  8. justbecause

    97 trooper

    I already posted on planet, I also wanted to check in on mud.
  9. justbecause

    anyone in Midland MI? -Nates 4x4-

    I sent Nate an e-mail about building a bumper, he said with a cad, measurements, vehicle onsite, etc he could make anything I wanted.
  10. justbecause

    80 in tuscaloosa

    Someone in a nice 80 was following me for a bit down highway 11, when he ran a red light to keep up with me I was hoping he would follow me home and introduce himself. Couldn't tell a color because of the glare, had a UA license plate and a UA sticker on the back glass. Looked like he had some...
  11. justbecause

    Wanted  Pickup truck or 1st gen 4runner

    I'm interested in trying to buy either a mini truck or a 1st gen 4 runner. Doesn't have to be pretty just in working order and not cut up. Looking to be in about the 2k$ price range. Mainly looking just for a work truck. Must be 4WD, auto preferred, no big lift kits or mud toys. I really...
  12. justbecause

    3m schutz

    Does anyone have the applicator gun for the 3m schutz products? I am going to line the lower part of my 80, and I would rather borrow or buy someone else's used gun. If I dont hear from anyone in a few days I'll order the gun and then keep it around if anyone else ever needs to borrow it...
  13. justbecause

    a pig and 40 in tuscaloosa

    I saw the pig parked in a yard off 15th st. I turned around to scope it out and noticed the top of a 40 under the carport. the rest of it was obstructed by other vehicles so I coudlnt get a look at it. Pig looks nice, gray. I didnt take a picture I didnt know how kosher that would have been...
  14. justbecause

    does anyone know this bj75

    Land Cruiser BJ70 series Project Truck I searched for Off-road driving school. Overland recreational, professional and military training. 4x4 travel. &mdash; Overland Experts I searched for the name of their site overlandexperts dot come but mud posted it as a URL and the "eco-truck"...
  15. justbecause

    80 Series Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

    I bought a pair of these used, I have since decided to either run plates or bushings. 80 Series Caster Correction $80 + shipping
  16. justbecause

    1993 fzj80

    We just bought a non-running 93 fjz80, we already took the ARB off the front, we are taking the locking axles and wheels. Everything else is up for grabs. it is complete minus: radio, wheels, axles, front bumper. misc. interior parts. Interior is rough, front seats would have to be recovered...
  17. justbecause

    94 axles

    I might be getting a set of locking 80 axles, IF I do, is there any local interest in my stock open 94 axles? the front seems to be in good shape, it doesnt leak or click brakes are all good. wheels wouldnt be included. I have PMed a few people who have recently sold axles in...
  18. justbecause

    For Sale  Thule roof top cargo box

    I bought this at the beginning of the summer, and haven't used it. I drove around with it on for a few weeks before taking it off. If it affected my MPG I didn't notice it. I want to sell it because I want an RTT and I can't fit both. I bought it used and it has some scratches, but still...
  19. justbecause

    Need help in or aroud montrose

    We are in the area and have a failed inner axle seal. Is there anyone who could help us out with a work space? Or know of a quality shop? There is a Toyota dealer next to where we are staying but they quoted 950$ + parts. posted on the fly using my thumbs.
  20. justbecause

    Starter rebuild

    I think my starter is going south. At 235k miles I'm not upset about it. I just don't want to take it apart because I'm afraid I won't be able to get it back together. If I bought a rebuild kit could anyone walk me through rebuilding it? Iv read online that it is easy an straight forward but...
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