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    Intake Air Tube repaired with FiberFix repair wrap tape

    After reviewing previous threads re: "my intake air tube has holes, do I need to by the OEM replacement or can I buy the cheap ebay replacement," which concluded "you need to buy the OEM," I decided to try FiberFix repair tape. Not even the automotive version, which is supposedly more...
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    For Sale  Scottsdale, Arizona: LX-450 passenger headlight Also listed on ebay. BIN $175. Photos there. Non-cracked. All tabs in tact - one tab has a tear but not consequential.
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    Need to replace front brake discs & pads, but front diff whine too...all at once or no?

    My GF uses the LC as her daily driver. The front brakes need replaced, and it's had a whine from the front diff since I bought it. There's a guy in Chandler that is a specialist in 80-series gears. I've changed replaced discs & pad on a handful of different vehicles, but when I did a search for...
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    Girlfriend nearly ran the LX450 out of gas - now misfiring

    Now, after putting gas in the tank, it sounds like it is misfiring on one cylinder. Is there any reason these things might be related? We've only driven it a few times .25 mi to the store and back since then. Kind of afraid to drive it farther. Thanks
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    Really need help. Spark=check. Fuel=check. Start=Nope

    Just finished replacing the head gasket. It just won't start. Here is what I have tried so far, and the results: -Re-did the procedure for installing the distributor. -Took off distributor cap, set crank to top dead center, and verified distributor rotor is pointing in correct orientation...
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    Throttle position sensor plug

    Mine disintegrated. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks.
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    The wire in the light with the open terminal...where does it go?

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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    What is this plug? What does it plug into?

    Trying to put everything back together after a head gasket replacement. The wiring harness and all the emissions stuff are giving us fits. #1 right now is this very large female plug. We can't seem to find its male counterpart anywhere under the hood. Does anyone know? Thanks very much if you...
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    What is the "Engine Wire" referenced here, and where does it go?

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet We got the head on today and got stuck staring at the motor trying to figure out what wire goes where here as the sun went down. Judging by the diagram, this appears to be the driver's side, back of the motor, and the wire appears to be a ground...
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    head is off...what else would I need to do to pull the engine too?

    Head gasket blew. 286k miles. In my other thread you can see that the block surface is rough. I know to be on the safe side I should have the block surface milled too. I was thinking about renting a truck and a cherry picker to pull the engine, but I'm not sure what steps are needed to do so. Is...
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    head surface, valves, and does it look?

    Thanks Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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    I am trying to remove the camshafts. At this step, the FSM says "[p]lace the matchmarks on the camshaft timing gear and timing chain." See attachment. I don't see any marks. Is this saying that I need to scratch the gear and the chain to make a mark?
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    Wanted  1996 Land Cruiser or LX-450 hood

    In non-mangled condition. Scratches, surface rust, paint flaking, OK.
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