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  1. Dannomite

    Weekend Wheeling

    Anyone going to be doing any soon? I've been in and out of town for the last little while, but home for the weekends. I'm dying to get out.
  2. Dannomite

    Truck won't turn over

    I got into my truck this morning (BJ42) and it wouldn't turn over. I didn't even hear the usual beaping when you turn the key. I knew my batteries were on their way out, so I fugured it was that and bought some new ones. After I installed them, there was still nothing. I checked to see if the...
  3. Dannomite

    MIG Pak 10 vs. Weld Pak 100 hd

    I've had my eye on a Lincoln MIG Pak 10 for a while and just came across someone with a Lincoln Weld-Pak 100 hd. I can get a good deal on it considering it's a partial trade. What's the difference between the two and is one better than the other?
  4. Dannomite

    Any flat green 40's out there?

    I'm thinking of flat green for my 42 but scared to go that route without seeing what it would look like first. Anyone have any pics?
  5. Dannomite

    FJ40 and/or Tub 4 sale

    Just found this in the For Sale section and thought I'd just link it because it's so close.
  6. Dannomite

    Chicago Electric Mig Welder A guy at work has one of these he wants to sell me for $150(cnd). I'd love to get a Lincoln, but this seems like a really good deal. Has anyone used this type of mig? I'm also planning on just doing body work with it. Thanks...
  7. Dannomite

    Wanted  Wanted: Rear Swinging Half Doors

    I'd prefer to buy from Canada so I don't have to deal with customs fees, but will consider for the right price.
  8. Dannomite

    Injector Pump Diaphram

    I ordered and recieved the diaphram and now I'm about ready to replace it. I know very little about this sort of thing, so I was wondering if there's anything I should know or do before I mess with the Injector Pump.
  9. Dannomite

    Truck problems.

    I went to start the Cruiser this afternoon and all it did was make clicking noises really fast. Wouldn't turn over at all. I'm thinking starter but not sure. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be and where a good (cheap) place is to get it fixed? Thanks :flipoff2:
  10. Dannomite

    See for yourself

    I think Dr. Z is trying to assimilate us:eek:
  11. Dannomite

    CB Radio

    I installed a CB Radio in my rig but it doesn't seem to work. I tried to test with the pa speaker and nothing comes out. Is there a place in Vic that I can take it to and get fixed up? Dan
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