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    Wanted  Ignition key cylinder & 4 spd shift knob

    For my 73 40. Not interested in sticky, hard to turn, or broken cylinders. I just pried one of those out of my column. Must have key. Prefer local, Bay area, NorCal area. Georg, I emailed you. Anyone else? Post a reply or PM w/contact info. Thanks
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    Wanted  Windshield hinges

    I need a set of windshield hinges, not frozen or seizing - I have a pair of those already, thanks. Also a 4 spd shift knob. PM me or reply to post. Thanks.
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    Wanted  40 rear driveline needed

    FJ40 4 speed rear drive line, approximately 20 inches long. I pay cash or have beaucoup things to trade, including transfer linkage, 4 speed trans or transfer, 3 & 4 spd bell housings, 3 speed drivelines, running 2F, 60 manifolds, EGR, etc. Prefer NorCal so as I can pick up but can deal with...
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    Another F flywheel question

    I searched already so don't jump in my s*** about this, but I could not find the exact answer that I needed. To wit: using the 3spd flywheel & clutch setup with 4spd trans, it is looking to me like I have to put the 3spd clutch fork on the DS to get it to work. The PS, where I had the T/O arm...
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