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  1. sleepycruiser

    Anyone in Columbus, GA?

    I found a vintage receiver I want to buy, but I am in Asheville, NC. Hoping someone could help me out! Hopefully arrange a Mudship eventually. Thanks for considering!
  2. sleepycruiser

    Anyone going to Columbus, GA anytime soon?

    Found a vintage receiver I want to buy. Beer involved! ;-)
  3. sleepycruiser

    Mudship....anyone going to Alabama?

    If anyone is going to Birmingham anytime soon and can carry 2 speakers back for me please let me know. Beer involved! ;-)
  4. sleepycruiser

    Mudship Birmingham to Asheville, NC or close?

    I have some speakers in Birmingham (Irondale) that I am trying to get to Western North Carolina or close...Knoxville, etc. Long shot, but thought I would try!
  5. sleepycruiser

    Anyone going through Elgin, SC?

    Found some speakers I want to try to get. Would need to figure out a Mudship to Asheville area. Beer offered. ;-)
  6. sleepycruiser

    Anyone in Elgin?

    Looking to buy some speakers and the seller is in Elgin. Might take some coordination to Mudship them to me in Asheville. Any help is appreciated....and beer worthy. ;) Edit: speakers were sold. Thanks to everyone for trying to help!!
  7. sleepycruiser

    Land Cruiser Tailgate Storage Group Buy

    Just passing along. 60 Series is sold out.
  8. sleepycruiser

    Mudship? Anyone going from Wilson to Asheville-ish?

    Looking to get 4 tires from Wilson to Asheville or close. TIA!
  9. sleepycruiser

    How much would it cost......FJ40 content

    To have someone take parts from 2 FJ40s and put together 1 FJ40 assuming all of the parts are there? A guy started to take them all apart...engine was rebuilt, but never fired. Frame was sanded down and painted. Between the 2 FJs there is at least 1 FJ that will run....them a bunch of leftover...
  10. sleepycruiser

    Anyone close to Youngsville?

    I found a generator I am interested in. Hoping someone could check it out for me. And possibly get it. Maybe we can figure out a mudship later.
  11. sleepycruiser

    Where to stay in Charlotte?

    My wife and I are headed to Charlotte next weekend. We haven’t spent any time in downtown and just coming down for the day/night. Where should we stay? Not sure if we are going to go to TopGolf or not, but I do have to go to the southern part of Charlotte to meet a fellow Mudder on Saturday...
  12. sleepycruiser

    Overhead Screen Replacement Options?

    My 2006 has the RSES and I have been considering replacing my head unit, which will then render the rear screen I will probably get some of the dual screens that can be removed easily for the kids. BUT, what to do with the flip down screen that is in the ceiling? Any options to...
  13. sleepycruiser

    GXOR guy stuck in Rowland, NC.....

    Saw it posted on FB about 15 minutes ago. “Calling in an emergency! Anyone in the Rowland, NC area that can help a fellow GXer out? Stuck on Skilar and Iona Church Dr just off of I 95. GPS coordinates (34.5205721, -79.2521420) thanks in advance! Cell is 9five4-2five7-589ate.”
  14. sleepycruiser

    Anyone have a GROM for sale?

    Looking for a GROM for a 2006 GX that I am picking up next week. Anyone have one they want to sell? Since the 06 doesn’t have an AUX I want to get the GROM for Bluetooth, etc.
  15. sleepycruiser

    Anyone headed to Atlanta next weekend?

    Figured it out...I think.
  16. sleepycruiser

    P0305 Code

    LC just threw this code. Cylinder 5 misfire. Running a little rough, especially at very low speeds. Slightly rough idle. Ignition coil? TIA.
  17. sleepycruiser

    Anyone coming Knoxville>AVL or Boone>Asheville anytime soon?

    I’ve got stuff piling up all over I need to pickup. 3rd row seat for a 100 series in Boone from @pawwright Knoxville is a large guitar (bass) cabinet.
  18. sleepycruiser

    Anyone in Bham know a house painter?

    I have a house I am selling and need someone to paint the outside of the house. Would love to support a fellow Mudder if possible. House is in Irondale. I will need some references. ;-) Thanks!
  19. sleepycruiser

    Hiring custom fabricator...’If I had to do it again’ have been thinking about doing sliders, front and rear bumpers, etc. I don’t NEED them based on how I use my LC, but you guys are all the best I DO need them. I found a fabricator that is supposed to be awesome. He works on all kinds of differential mods, etc...
  20. sleepycruiser

    Shaking at 60mph

    I posted in GXOR on FB, but wanted to see if there were any opinions here as well. Just replaced the front rotors as I thought that was the issue. When I get up to about 60mph the vehicle shakes...seems almost side to side. The front DS cv axle is leaking bad so I have new axles coming. Some...
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