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  1. wrongturn

    What is this wire and what do I do with it? New head unit install

    Forgive my ignorance, but by bypassing the factory amp do you loose power to the front kick speakers and sub? I'm about to start my install but I consider those kind of crucial to the quality of sound.
  2. wrongturn

    Replacing Head Unit- question about Airplay USB in Cigarette lighter

    Not trying to get too deep in the weeds here buuutttt, did you use a metra or equivalent harness? I've also read that it is best to bypass the factory amp. Did you bypass it? The more I research the more confused I get. So if you aren't having any issues, I'm pretty much going to do what ever...
  3. wrongturn

    Replacing Head Unit- question about Airplay USB in Cigarette lighter

    Nice that turned out great. Thanks for posting the pics. I'm doing the exact same thing in the next couple of days. Are you liking the HU? I'm tempted to go back and get that one. Is that trim piece surrounding the unit stock or did you have to order a larger one?
  4. wrongturn

    Replacing Head Unit- question about Airplay USB in Cigarette lighter

    When I say trim piece I am referring to the HU, not the usb port.
  5. wrongturn

    Replacing Head Unit- question about Airplay USB in Cigarette lighter

    Did you ever finish the install? I'm currently going through the same thing you're talking about in this post. I was actually going to get the same HU but opted for a kenwood with tactile volume buttons instead. I'm still on the fence about it though. Just didn't like those touch screen volume...
  6. wrongturn

    craigslist 2011 x trail ranger

    lol it is. It would make a pretty cool base camp
  7. wrongturn

    craigslist 2011 x trail ranger

    No idea but I can't imagine it is cheap, especially considering it was imported from Australia
  8. wrongturn

    craigslist  2011 x trail ranger

    not mine, craigslist find. Looks pretty nice though Off road pop-up tent camper
  9. wrongturn

    FJ62 Build (Bella)

    Is that the original hardware you had yellow zinc plated or did you buy new? I really need to get rid of some old rusty hardware
  10. wrongturn

    craigslist  Not mine-fj60 with fj62 front end conversion

    Not mine, not affiliated Very low miles, thought someone might find this interesting 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser- FJ60- 4x4- Low Miles- Nice Condition
  11. wrongturn

    Parting Out 1988 Fj62 N Florida

    Is the igniter still in working condition?
  12. wrongturn

    Parting Out 1989 FJ62 Land Cruiser

    How much for the igniter shipped to 39110?
  13. wrongturn

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser, Tacoma, WA 245k $4k

    Your post has expired on craigslist
  14. wrongturn

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 .. ONE OWNER 80,784 Miles !

    Goodness that is nice. Nicest I've seen for sure. GLWS
  15. wrongturn

    Parting Out TX: 1989 FJ62, Gold and Brown

    Do you have the drivers door handle? Possibly need complete assembly.
  16. wrongturn

    For Sale Unique locked supercharged 96 FJ80 in PA SOLD

    x2 and bump for my favorite color combo
  17. wrongturn

    eBay 1991 Diesel for sale

    ahaha good choice for pimps here in the south, no shortage of big girls
  18. wrongturn

    eBay  1991 Diesel for sale

    This may have been on pimp my ride NOT MINE Toyota: Land Cruiser LAND CRUISER 4X4 4.2L TURBO DIESEL
  19. wrongturn

    For Sale 1998 LX470, CA/No Rust, Never Off-Road, 215K Miles, OME, Slee Diff Drop, Toyo Tires $8,500

    CL link isn't working for me. That's one of the best paint jobs produced IMO. GLWS!
  20. wrongturn

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 in New Orleans

    man if i didn't have mine i would scoop that up for sure. very tempting. glws
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