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    AHC Delete for 100 series

    Hi, i have a 2006 LC with about 170k. Recently one of the pump actuators went out and the truck sunk from the front. Took it to the shop and was advised it better to have the AHC system deleted versus getting it fixed since with that mileage today its one actuator and tomorrow or later it could...
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    AUX / USB Adaptor for 2004 Landcruiser Stereo (Standard)

    I am in need of a usb/aux adapter kit that could be connected to the factory standard stereo / navigation head unit. Prime objective is to be able to connect either iphone/andriod phones via Usb or Aux input to play music utilizing the standard head unit versus replacing it. Will be a great...
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    2004 Land cruiser thug sound

    I have a 2004 Toyota Land cruiser. The truck runs excellent and i have had no issues what so ever and have kept up with routine maintenance. A key issue i have noticed that when i am moving at a steady speed and if i have to give gas i hear a "thug" sound as the transmission engages. Same is the...
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