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  1. tjones8

    For Sale  Red Eye Farbrication FJ80 Front Bumper

    located in Sacramento, CA Looking to sell my front bumper. Made by Red Eye Fab (no longer in production) I like this bumper a lot, just kinda want to switch it up a bit is all. Looking to get $1000. It was about $1500 brand new
  2. tjones8

    Trade  Red Eye Fab bumper for Trail Gear Stinger

    Wanted to see if there was anyone on the west coast that would be interested in trading front bumpers. I have a red eye Fab bumper that was about $1500 new, that I’d like to trade specifically for the TG Stinger front, or similar ones located in Sacramento, California
  3. tjones8

    TJM ProLocker and ARB compressor compatibility

    This is just a FYI for guys looking into the compatibility between the two. The TJM solenoids thread right into the manifold on the ARB compressor The connectors for the solenoids clip right into the clips on the ARB harness The male connectors on the ARB harness are the correct size for the...
  4. tjones8

    1995 No Start Isuue

    At this point I'm getting ready to take this thing to Georg at Valley Hybrids, because it is driving me up a wall. Recently I had a continuing 30a fusible link issue, the pink wire would fry every time i turned the key to start the truck. That issue turned out to be the crappy duralast...
  5. tjones8

    Fusible Links keep going

    What are some things you guys have seen causing the fusible link at the battery to keep popping? Truck died on the freeway the other day, all electronics work, turns over consistently but won’t start. Scan gauge cannot connect to my ECU (AKA not getting power, so fusible link) It initially...
  6. tjones8

    P0340 Misfire Issue

    Couple days ago my 80 started to misfire violently at low rpm/speed from a stop. Code is for the cam position sensor (the distributor basically) Replaced: Distributor Plugs Wires Crank position sensor Throttle position sensor Also did: Seafoam through the intake manifold B12 Chemtool in the...
  7. tjones8

    94 Locked Axles in an Unlocked 95

    First and foremost I’ve done a ton of searching, so this post is more so to confirm my searching and thinking that, 94 locked front and rear axles will swap into my unlocked 95, given that I have the locker ECU in terms of ABS, full float/semi float, and 4 corner disc brakes. I have a line on a...
  8. tjones8

    NorCal locker/gear install shop recommendations

    I’m looking to find a shop in the Northern California area for this. Closer to Sacramento the better but I’ll drive if needed. Nobody I’ve called seems to want to touch it. 95 with Revolution 4.88’s and TJM Pro Lockers going in
  9. tjones8

    TJM Pro Locker

    Searching around and I’m only seeing a couple vendors that sell these. I’ve found the rear locker but I cannot seem to find the front although TJM lists both on their website. Anyone have any leads?
  10. tjones8

    Wanted  NORCAL - 95-97 Locked Axles

    Located in Sacramento, I’m looking to pick up a pair of front and rear OEM ELocked axles Cash in hand
  11. tjones8

    80 Series Glass Vin Stamps

    So a buddy of mine and I today were just cleaning up some stuff and noticed that most of his windows have his VIN number on them, and mine have a “TC XXXXXXX” number on them. Anyone noticed this or know why this is? Just a weird nuance that’s sparked my interest
  12. tjones8

    Wanted  1993-1997 FJ/FZJ80 in NorCal/Surrounding states

    Looking to buy a 93-97 FJ/FZJ80 soon Stock to Fully Built will be considered I have a wide price range for the right LC depending upon miles/mods Lockers are a must, that’s my only real stipulation Reply here or reply through PM Thank you!
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