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  1. weejub

    New Garages and HAMOM Date TBD

    We are moving sometime this Spring. As it stands now, we will be left to sort through a LOT of tools at the new house. Please see pics. Thinking about giving a lot away to anyone who wants to come and pick them up. Some maybe worth a little something, but selling wouldn't be the main...
  2. weejub

    SOLD  Raleigh NC Area: 2004 Toyota Tacoma TRD Limited Double Cab

    Key stats: 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4WD Limited TRD Off Road <134K current miles @ ~ 125-132K Miles: Bilstein 6112 Front Suspension @ ~2" lift Old Man Emu CS046RA/B - Rear Springs (good for light camper or overlanding) Toytec Boss Rear Shocks 4Runner 5-star wheels 32" 265/75R16 KO2's w/...
  3. weejub

    For Sale  ** SOLD: 1996 Lexus LX450 near Raleigh, NC **

    White LX450 with updated suspension (stock height OME) and tires and many other things. Also a LOT of service items have been done on this one in the last 3K miles. $8K price Located in Pittsboro, NC - - just west of Raleigh. Will share additional pics via Google shared folder upon PM...
  4. weejub

    For Sale  New 80 Series Differential Locker Switch $38 - Will Ship or NC Pickup

    *** SOLD ** Locker Dial for 80 series. Will ship to you in a bubble mailer, or you can save $3 and pick up in Pittsboro, NC. PayPal preferred if shipped. $35 + Shipping of $3 = $38
  5. weejub

    Overland RV Build

    Plan is to be ready to roll in <8 years. Sell the B&B, keep the Art Gallery, but move it to a smaller house with the big garage. Maybe VRBO the little house while we travel. This thread will discuss the features, build, options, etc. I know this is not a Land Cruiser, but hope to use what we...
  6. weejub

    2004 Tacoma DC LTD TRD Offroad

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4WD Limited TRD Off Road 134K Miles Bilstein 6112 Front Suspension Old Man Emu CS046RA/B - Rear Springs Toytec Boss Rear Shocks 4Runner 5-star wheels 32" 265/75R16 KO2's. ARE Topper Front Runner topper rack Sound deadening/insulation Weld on Sliders from Stubbs...
  7. weejub

    2005 DC Tundra Grey NC 178K Miles Clean

    $16.5K excludes dual battery; $17.5 with dual battery system. A lot of money put into this one - it is an amazing truck - just bigger than I want - Wife can't drive, etc. Cross posted: Buy/Sell/Trade 05/06 Tundras; Raleigh NC Area - Toyota Tundra Forums : Tundra Solutions Forum Details...
  8. weejub

    @2fpower Coming to NC

    My friend Kelly @2fpower is coming to NC for a trip of a lifetime with his Son @7powernerd and family. Here is the Updated Schedule. Please note approx 3 separate opportunities to do some trail riding: 6/29 - 6/30: Heintooga Trail, Mile High Campground @2fpower @7powernerd Open Open...
  9. weejub

    80 Series Group Buy on ARB Front Bumper from FAT

    Hi all - Couple of us are about ready to buy front bumpers. Wanted to make sure no one else is interested as we can get a low price, but have to pay shipping and perhaps more people = < shipping. Let me know. May not help, but figured Adam and Phil at least could use a rough estimate if more...
  10. weejub

    My "new" Shop

    I have been really busy trying to get the new house ready for opening in late Feb. One of the things I am supposed to already have done, is clean out my new shed/shop and move all my tools over so I can be ready for working on the new house. Snow, cold weather, nervous about the shed's...
  11. weejub

    For Sale  2002 3rd Gen 4Runner NC

    Pretty nice truck - 3rd Gen. Not perfect with a ding on the back, but runs strong and pretty clean for age. SR5 with no moonroof. OME rear springs included along with WeatherTech mats, etc: 2002 4Runner
  12. weejub

    '96 LX450

    New to us LX450! 219K Miles currently.
  13. weejub

    Builds  New LX450(s)

    Hi all. Wanted to post up some ongoing work I will be doing on our new LX. I am actually hoping to buy a second one VERY soon (see '96 LX450 post). The first one is a 1997 with just over 130K with a Slee 4" lift. Stock everywhere else. Pretty nice shape. No lockers. Original info on trip...
  14. weejub

    Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Mebane, Pittsboro . . meet up?

    Was wondering if any of us out in between the Triad and Triangle wanted to hit up Haw River Brewery or another spot out in "no man's land?" Of course anyone could come :) @Keep @NC LX @WhiteTiger911 @AJR @96Cruiser13 I am sure I am missing others :\
  15. weejub

    LX 450 and Other New Things

    Its a big weekend for us! Today we pick up a new-to-us LX450. Heather and I have been looking for a FZJ for a while as several know :). It is an ONSC member's truck, so that is cool, too. We also closed the Due Diligence period and final negotiated price on a new home in downtown Pittsboro...
  16. weejub

    For Sale  Not Mine: Clist 2011 Chapel Hill

    2011 Toyota Land Cruiser - Beat the Trade-in - 48 hrs
  17. weejub

    Cargo Camper Trailer Build

    Just starting the planning of this. We are hoping for a better mid-year bonus at work than last year, to make this purchase around December, but will be likely buying pieces/parts prior. Looking at going with a 6x10 or 6x12. We would like a Queen size bed and although the 5' wide model would...
  18. weejub

    ONSC Velcro Patches

    Anyone already working on this? If not, does the BOD need to approve? 2x3" 100% embroidered Velcro hook on back Subdued color and/or full color I'm finding costs in the $1.80/patch up to $5 per patch depending on colors and volume. I could fund and hold inventory and do a price based on...
  19. weejub

    Scammer or Legit

    We are going to play a little game . . . I will post up emails from people who respond to my Clist ad on the Highlander, and you have to vote "Scammmer" or "Legit" as to the inquiry. Whoever has the highest correct answers wins a beer. I will keep a running total here. List by response...
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