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  1. sjcruiser

    How to acquire a trail damage without being on a trail.

    Glad to hear you were OK, mot! I believe you made a good call in the last post. 4 years is well within usable life for these tires - In fact, mine (also Dueler AT) are at least that old; and I'm not a bit concerned with them at all. Hope all is well with ya!
  2. sjcruiser

    Car won't star-I'm stuck

    I suppose you could put a finger on it and have someone turn the key to 'On' position to hear or feel if the relay clicks in *shrug*
  3. sjcruiser

    Car won't star-I'm stuck

    Since yours is a '94, it's most likely the EFI relay under the hood, IIRC (as also suggested by post #12 above).
  4. sjcruiser

    Windshield Wiper Part # Question

    You rule, Dan! Now onto making a shopping list...
  5. sjcruiser

    middle seat hinges....

    Just a few screws to remove & replace - 1/4 banana job!
  6. sjcruiser

    Car won't star-I'm stuck

    Between spark, fuel, and air, I'd start with fuel delivery based on your description.
  7. sjcruiser

    Windshield Wiper Part # Question

    Hi guys, Is there any changes in the OEM part numbers provided above? I get a voucher from last alignment job that I'd like to use at my local dealer. However, I was handed a pair of identical parts for both sides of my truck, which I walked away as my original ones are surely different...
  8. sjcruiser

    Front differential fluid issues

    Khoi, Grease contaminated front diff fluid is normal on a stock truck. If you haven't done the diff breather mod, do it now (or at least remove the rubber flap on the breather valve). My diff fluid was in much better shape after doing this. Frank.
  9. sjcruiser

    OEM suspension question

    OME lift kits have been compatible with all '91-'97 LCs so I don't see why the newer OEM springs would have any fitness issues.
  10. sjcruiser

    SurePower Battery Separator Gone Bad?

    Yes, on both accounts!
  11. sjcruiser

    Robbie in CA

    Well, is it live yet?
  12. sjcruiser

    Has anyone tried this valve cover gasket kit?

    When in doubt, use OEM :)
  13. sjcruiser

    Ideas on a new lift

    I'd suggest OME 861/862 Low lift springs + Bilstein shocks
  14. sjcruiser

    FZJ80 Trans/Tcase, LX450 rims/35" MTRs, engine w/ rod knock

    Hi, I'm interested in the center caps only if you could separate them. Frank.
  15. sjcruiser

    obd II and a 97 FZJ-80

    My Scangauge never glitches on my '97 LX, nor so on any other ODBII vehicles that I've plugged it in.
  16. sjcruiser

    Parts Prices - Local dealer vs American Toyota

    Same goes for my local dealers (Stevens Creek Lexus, Stevens Creek Toyota, Capitol Toyota, Piercey Toyota, Fremont Toyota, Fremont Lexus - you name it). I just paid a tad over $60 for two coolant jugs few weeks ago. Dan and the other fine folks at American Toyota are the most pleasant part...
  17. sjcruiser

    OME 861/862 w/ ARB Bumper & Winch: Do I need trim packers in front?

    I had 861/862 combo on mine and it had a perfect stance for a stocker. I'd definitely add a spacer (1") if I had the ARB and winch. Stay this route if you don't want to mess with caster corrections. Like others have said, you may also want to look at the 850/860 option. I'm riding on 851/860...
  18. sjcruiser

    E 3 Spark Plugs on 3f engine/Anyone used them

    OEM Denso copper plugs seem to offer the best performance. Mine still look pretty good even with 30K miles on them. I'm trying out the new Bosch Fusion (had them on the shelf a year or two already) when I did the valve cover gasket two weeks ago - so far so good. The sole reason for using...
  19. sjcruiser

    Wanted Stock 80 rear springs in SF Bay Area

    I may still have them some where in my garage - will check when I get home tonight. You could pick them up for free (if I have them of course). Cheers, Frank.
  20. sjcruiser

    This is taking OCD to extreme but there it is - Toyota Oil Filter wrench

    I'd use this when my palm grip does not work :)
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