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  1. scottryana

    A340 video. Not exactly a 343F, but good info for transmission upgrades.

    More information about building an A343 for those using the transmission behind a diesel, turbo, etc.
  2. scottryana

    100/105 series diesel gears

    Hey guys I know this has been asked and I am just not finding it. But I am looking for the 100 series style of rear diff gears where the face of the teeth are longer than the 80 series. Also a 105 or 80 front diff gear set to match. In a diesel friendly ratio of 3.55. I am pretty sure I have...
  3. scottryana

    Spokane WA, Fairchild AFB, grey 70 series diesel.

    Saw your truck tonight around 2300. Good looking truck with a lift and 35’s, roof rack and ladder. Are you on here?
  4. scottryana

    LS 5.3 Swap on the dyno

    Haven't finished the video so I don't know what it makes, but looks like it is in 2wd. I would hope around 225whp? Could be interesting to those considering a swap.
  5. scottryana

    TRD SC with intake mod???

  6. scottryana

    Racing 80, pretty cool video.

  7. scottryana

    Tan FJ55 in Salt Lake City

    Saw a pretty cool tan 55 in Salt Lake City this after noon. Looked to be an early model. Rear window was replaced with metal and had sand ladders mounted there. Had some rusted out rockers and rear quarters. Sounded like a fairly healthy V8. I was rushing to work so no pictures but cool truck!
  8. scottryana

    Toyota red is dead

    Well it might not actually be dead but I have been to 3 Toyota dealers in 2 different states and they have all told me they no longer carry Toyota red coolant. And that I can just go to the auto parts store and get any Euro/Japanese pink and throw it in. So I guess after this winter it’s...
  9. scottryana

    Wanted  Anyone have a cheap front passenger window?

    So my move to SLC has not been great, for land cruisers. Black truck door was wrecked, still not repaired. Grey truck was illegally towed 3 days ago and then I walk out to this today.
  10. scottryana

    Help, yes I know search.

    Ok so I am sure I am going to get lambasted for writing this post without first spending a couple hours searching, but unfortunately I am not all that bright and what could take me a couple hours are probably fairly easy questions for you 200 aficionados. So I am looking at consolidating a...
  11. scottryana

    Surprised how much I like this truck (I know...)

    Yeah it is a patrol, but patrols and 80's look a lot alike. I am usually not one for the truck conversions but this one looks pretty good. I think someone should do this. lol
  12. scottryana

    How did I miss this? a turbo 105 in Colorado making 700awhp?

    Who's shop is this? Is that stock auto??
  13. scottryana

    Repost? Movie Pig sighting “The Host”

    sci-fi movie “The Host” has a lot of pig in it. A pretty nice all white pig, gets some good screen time.
  14. scottryana

    Material smarts

    This is a pretty smart group so I am kind of calling on Mud to help me think through something and see if I am even close. With all of the 3/4link threads going on and since my builds are kind of on hold because I am broke I thought maybe I would do some miniature scale testing on links and...
  15. scottryana

    MUDShip  Possible (2) 80's from Richmond to SLC or Moab?

    I am considering a move and I have (2) 80's that I would probably ship. One has a small 2.5" lift and 315's the other is stock. From Richmond VA or really anywhere in the area, DC/VA/MD to SLC or Moab. Thanks!
  16. scottryana

    Axle Housing

    Hey @beno did I see somewhere that you had a new axle housing that was maybe a 105 housing and Toyota had made changes to beef up a few things. I can't find the post maybe it was social media? Thanks!
  17. scottryana

    So upgraded birfs.....

    Well I know many people have questioned longevity with upgraded birfs with the softer heat treating in a Fulltime 4wd truck. I had heard Bobby Long say they are good for 60,000 miles. I didn't think anything of it since at the time I was maybe driving my truck 5-8000 miles a year. Fast...
  18. scottryana

    When did you buy your first 80?

    There is another thread that is debating if someone should buy an 80. I am just kind of curious if everyone kind of bought around a clustered time, say mid 2000's before 4 door jeeps, new tundra's, etc or if those vehicles already existed and you still bought an 80. Thanks!
  19. scottryana

    Diff questions

    I know that this has been batted around before and I think the @just differentials guys even built their 70 series this way, but I am kind of having a tough time wrapping my head around if it will actually work. I understand that 80 series like 94+ are Full Float rear axles, in stock form they...
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