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  1. JrJoorgawt

    The neverending battle with the bright ideas the PO has

    Doing some chassis electrical modification, I'll definitely do a write up on that even if just to stroke my own ego. But it seem the PO has been thinking (a dangerous pastime indeed) and came up with an idea. Now I pose to you, the people who have seen everything under the sun: What the hell...
  2. JrJoorgawt

    Need help with rear shock tube

    The bolt in the right side rear shock tube snapped off at 35lb-ft when I was trying to install the shocks I made the brilliant decision to try and use a right angle drill to drill out the bolt center instead of dropping out the fuel tank And using drill guides. Because of this the drill...
  3. JrJoorgawt

    Question about belts

    this is mostly a curiosity, not a repair question got a pretty standard '85 fj60. smog pump was devaned some time in the 90's by our accounts. anyway, whatever is still inside that pump seized. When i was reading up how to take the belt tension out of it, I noticed most people saying something...
  4. JrJoorgawt

    Looking for advice on a good mechanic

    I have an '85 and it has just some basic issues like rough idle and a bit of a dirty fuel tank. I'm in the norther colorado area. I've been recommended to use Fred's in loveland by one person but was just looking for another opinion.
  5. JrJoorgawt

    Fuel pump issue I really hope i'm wrong about

    I'm still trying to track down the issue with fuel delivery on my '85 FJ60 I replaced the fuel pump twice in the last month, the second time being yesterday, and both times it would run fine for a little bit but then the starvation issue would return. This time though as an experiment, i took...
  6. JrJoorgawt

    2F engine problem

    I haven't a clue what causes this problem, but basically if i go above 45mph the engine will lurch a bunch and then cease operation entirely if I push in the clutch while this happens, the engine die completely (0rpm all the lights come on), and I can let the clutch back out to then restart it...
  7. JrJoorgawt

    Trail ride in Northern Colorado 9/30/17

    So I'm planning on going up storm mountain trail (near Drake, CO on the eastern slope) this Saturday. As far as I know it's not extremely hard, but it should still be fun and it isn't very far from Loveland, Ft. Collins, or Estes Park. If anyone wants to join me just reply here in this thread...
  8. JrJoorgawt

    Carb questions

    So, I was out in the 60 and ended up on a rather long uphill climb. It wasn't steep per se, just long. Maybe a quarter to half a mile. About halfway up this climb I end up losing power in the engine, then it died. I had to put it in 2nd and race up the hill in order to get home. My working...
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